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Fantasy Zone Gear
Publisher: Sanritsu (JP), Sega (US/EU)
System(s): Sega Game Gear
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Release Date RRP Code
Sega Game Gear
¥3,900 T-44017
Sega Game Gear
JP (Meisaku)
¥3,900 G-3225
Sega Game Gear
$24.95[1] 2319
Sega Game Gear
£24.99[3] 2319
Sega Game Gear
?F 2319
Sega Game Gear
DM ? 2319
Sega Game Gear
?Ptas 2319
Sega Game Gear
Sega Game Gear
R$? 013480

Fantasy Zone Gear: Opa Opa Jr. no Bouken (ファンタジーゾーンGear オパオパJr.の冒険), released outside of Japan as just Fantasy Zone is a Game Gear shoot 'em up game that is part of the Fantasy Zone series. Despite having the same name as the Master System game in western regions, Fantasy Zone Gear is in fact a completely different game which makes use of the Game Gear's extended color palette.

Fantasy Zone Gear offers very little to the table, other than new stages and music (though many of the jingles are identical to that of the original Fantasy Zone). Due to size restraints, it is unable to show any kind of HUD in game, however Opa-Opa's equipment can be changed at any time by hitting the Start button.

As with all Fantasy Zone games, Fantasy Zone Gear was re-released in 2008 as part of the Japanese PlayStation 2 compilation, Fantasy Zone Complete Collection.



FantasyZoneGear Level1.png Woods
Unlike previous games, levels in Fantasy Zone Gear were given generic names by Sega of America. They are all very similar, the only major difference each time being the choice of enemies.
FantasyZoneGear Woods Boss.png Wood's boss
Wood's boss is a large, tree-like creature with a spring. It simply extends its nose to try and defeat Opa-Opa (the nose also doubling up as the weak point). After it attacks, it will spring up into the air and try and land on top of the player.
FantasyZoneGear Level2.png Fire
FantasyZoneGear Fire Boss.png Fire's boss
Fire's boss is an odd creature which moves in a circular motion, stopping every now and then to fire a missile in one of four directions. These missiles then explode into eight chunks which spread across the screen. Everything is a weak point. Thanks to the Game Gear's small resolution it's very easy to accidentally collide with this boss, so it's a good idea to upgrade in advance.
FantasyZoneGear Level3.png Ice
FantasyZoneGear Ice Boss.png Ice's boss
Ice's boss is simple in comparison to the previous boss battle. Parts of a face will slowly track Opa-Opa's position and you simply need to destroy the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. Then you'll be able to attack the head itself in a similar manner, provided, again, you've upgraded your speed.
FantasyZoneGear Level4.png Water
FantasyZoneGear Water Boss.png Water's boss
The only static boss in the whole game, Water's boss simply fires four green orbs in your general direction, which will slowly hunt you down until you destroy them. Alternatively it water will fall from the top of the screen which will need avoiding, though if you can keep at least one orb on screen this will never occur. Aim for the head.
FantasyZoneGear Level5.png Cloud
FantasyZoneGear Cloud Boss.png Cloud's boss
The extremely large boss of Cloud is a blimp-like creature which follows Opa-Opa around the room. It occasionally stops to fire forwards and launch several floating bombs which litter the screen. Like many bosses in this game, the difficulty comes from the cramped conditions you're forced to fight in. Unlike previous bosses, this one seems to take a lot longer to kill.
FantasyZoneGear Level6.png Desert
FantasyZoneGear Desert Boss.png Desert's boss
Desert's boss is a large totem-pole creature, in which sections of the boss fly hoizontally across the screen to try and hit Opa-Opa.
FantasyZoneGear Final Boss.png Phantoms
The final level, like all Fantasy Zone games, simply puts Opa-Opa against all of the bosses he's encountered so far, before having him face the end boss. As Fantasy Zone Gear drops the backgrounds when bosses are encountered, this level has no identity of its own. You never "see" where Opa-Opa actually is, only that he's got bosses to fight.

Config Mode

Pressing UpRightDownLeft1212Start at the title screen will open "Config Mode", allowing you to adjust lives, money, access the sound test and select a level.

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Magazine articles

Main article: Fantasy Zone Gear/Magazine articles.

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80 №17
49 №2, p57
78 №7, p74
66 №1, p70[5]
68 №19, p157
90 №20, p110[6]
66 №5, p61[3]
56 №31, p36
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81 №9, p32/33[8]
81 №1, p28/29[9]
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Game Gear, US
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Game Gear, EU
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