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3D Fantasy Zone II W
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System(s): Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Shooting

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Nintendo 3DS
¥762 (823)762e[1]
Nintendo 3DS
ESRB: Everyone
Nintendo 3DS
€4.994.99 CTR-N-JFCP-00
PEGI: 3+
Nintendo 3DS
€4.994.99 CTR-N-JFCP-00
USK: 6
Nintendo 3DS
£4.494.49 CTR-N-JFCP-00
PEGI: 3+

3D Fantasy Zone II W, known as 3D Fantasy Zone II Double (3D ファンタジーゾーンIIダブル) in Japan, is an entry in the 3D Classics range, developed by M2 and published by Sega for the Nintendo 3DS.

Unlike previous entries which focused on updating games from the mid-to-late 80s or early 90s, 3D Fantasy Zone II W differs in that it is an enhanced port of the 2008 System 16 version of Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa, an M2-produced upgrade to the Sega Master System game of the same name.


The game has been optimized to take advantage of the wider screen on the 3DS, giving the player more room to move around and see more of the playing field. To compensate for the smaller screen size of some 3DS models, enemy bullets have been made bigger. The player also has more flexible control over Opa-Opa's movements using the Circle Pad. The touch screen also tracks the player's progress and Opa-Opa's status, showing a happy Opa-Opa if the player clears more Dark Side stages, and an angry Opa-Opa if the player clears more Bright Side stages.

The "Coin Stock" feature from 3D Fantasy Zone: Opa-Opa Bros. has also been added, allowing the player to start with an adjustable pool of money. A stage select is also added, with each round becoming available to start from once it has been reached; however starting from a later round will make the game act like Bright Side stages have been cleared, starting Opa-Opa in a negative status and possibly making good endings impossible to achieve. Savestates and replays are also available.

Link Loop Land

Link Loop Land gameplay.

Also included is a mode called "Link Loop Land" which acts as an endless score attack mode seperate from the Story Mode. This mode stars Opa-Opa's brother Upa-Upa, who has flown to a newly-discovered planet to accrue enough money to pay back his debt to Opa-Opa after the events of 3D Fantasy Zone: Opa-Opa Bros.'s Upa-Upa Mode.

The player controls Upa-Upa with a fixed set of upgrades, consisting of the 3-Way Shot, Twin Bombs and Big Wings. The objective is the same as in Story Mode in that the player needs to destroy all the enemy bases to summon a boss. When all bases are destroyed, the boss will appear, and the player must destroy all of the boss's weapons to defeat it and move on to the next wave of enemies and bases. As the player progresses further into the game, the number of bases the player must destroy, along with enemy numbers and aggression, will gradually increase. Smart Bomb turrets will also appear, and should they be destroyed by the player, they will set off a Smart Bomb explosion that destroys all nearby enemies and bases, making them very useful in a pinch.

Collecting coins will fill the player's Link Gauge, which will gradually increase the player's score multiplier each time it's filled, up to a maximum of a x256 multiplier. If the player goes for too long without picking up coins, the Link Gauge will drain and decrease the multiplier. The player's primary weapon will not run out over time, but they will lose it if they take a hit, reducing them to the Twin Shot. Should they take another hit, the game is over. A Repairer will appear to restore the player's powered-up weapon whenever they lose it, but if the Repairer is ignored for long enough, it will change into a Fever Item. Collecting the Fever Item will activate Fever Time, giving the player a powerful 12-Way Shot for a limited time, and increasing coin return and multipliers. Coins collected in "Link Loop Land" will also be added to the Coin Stock for use in the main game.

By clearing the main game, the player can unlock additional characters that use different upgrades. When one of these characters are unlocked, a Player Select screen appears when starting a new run. The characters are:

  • Opa-Opa: Uses the Wide Beam, Triple Bombs and Jet Engine. Unlocked by getting the normal ending in Story Mode.
  • Evil Opa-Opa: Uses the Laser Beam, Twin Big Bombs and Turbo Engine. Unlocked by getting the best ending in Story Mode.

Secret features

A number of secret features can also be unlocked by in-game accomplishments. Four extra settings can be unlocked after the player's savings in the Coin Stock exceeds certain values:

  • Shop Markers: Places markers where the Secret Parts Shop can be found in the Dark Side. Unlocked by saving $300,000 in the Coin Stock.
  • Extended Weapon Time: Extends the amount of time a primary weapon upgrade can be used. Unlocked by saving $600,000 in the Coin Stock.
  • Gold Rush: Increases the value of gold dropped by enemies. Unlocked by saving $1,200,000 in the Coin Stock.
  • Infinite Weapon Time: Primary weapon upgrades can be used for an infinite amount of time. Unlocked by saving $2,400,000 in the Coin Stock.

Production credits

  • Directors: Naoki Horii, Keisuke Koga
  • Planners: Keisuke Koga, Takaaki Hashimoto, Ken-ichiro Kikuchi, Tsuyoshi Matsuoka
  • Programmers: Yuji Yamanaka, Nobuhisa Shinoda, Shintaro Ishikura, Akira Saito, Tetsuya Abe, Masaki Goto, Minoru Kubota
  • Graphic Designer: Keisuke Koga, Takuya Watanabe
  • 3D Co-ordinator: Takuya Watanabe
  • Sound Director & Music Composer: Manabu Namiki
  • Library & Tools: Jun Okada, Toshinori Yuuki(WAMSOFT), Go Watanabe(WAMSOFT)
  • 3D Banner Modeling: Norihisa Okada
  • Project Manager: Takehiro Kawachi
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