Galactic Protector

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Galactic Protector
System(s): Sega Master System
Publisher: Sega
Peripherals supported: FM Sound Unit, Paddle Control
Genre: Shooting[1]

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Master System
¥5,0005,000 G-1348

Galactic Protector (ギャラクティックプロテクター) is a Sega Master System shoot-'em-up game developed and published by Sega. It stars Opa Opa of Fantasy Zone and Zillion fame, who must save various planets from enemies and debris hurtling towards them.

The game is built specifically for the Paddle Control, and therefore cannot be played on a standard Master System Control Pad. This also makes emulating the game tricky.

Like the Paddle Control itself, Galactic Protector was not released outside of Japan. It was released as part of the Fantasy Zone Complete Collection for the PlayStation 2, also Japan only. And as a built-in game in some Tec Toy's Master System models (with regular Master System Controller support).


A supermassive comet from beyond the galaxy has skimmed the Solar System, and as a result asteroids from the asteroid belt and pieces of the comet begin to rain down on the planets Earth, Saturn and Jupiter, threatening to destroy humanity. Opa-Opa and his younger brother Upa-Upa, who have both finished training in outer space, are called to defend the planets from the falling asteroids.


Galactic Protector can be played alone or co-operatively with another player, with player 1 controlling Opa-Opa (red) and player 2 controlling Upa-Upa (blue). Players are anchored to the planet they are defending at all times, using the paddle to move around the circumference of the planet and either of the two buttons are used to shoot.

Enemies will come from all sides of the screen, and the player(s) must prevent them from reaching the planet by shooting at them, scoring points for doing so. Planets will take damage if enemies are allowed to reach them and Opa-Opa/Upa-Upa will lose a life if they make direct contact with an enemy. The game will be over if the player(s) loses all of their lives or the planet takes too much damage.

When all the enemies in a round have been defeated, the player(s) will score bonus points depending on how much health the planet has remaining. If the planet has taken some damage, the player(s) will be awarded 500 points for each unit of health remaining. If the planet takes no damage during a round, a perfect bonus of 10,000 points is awarded. There are a total of 25 rounds in the game, with the type of planet rotating each round.

Starting from the secound round, players can also receive power ups from the Power Up Balls (パワーアップボール[2]) that periodically appear. The type of power up received varies depending on the planet the Power Up Ball is collected at, however they can also damage the planet if they are not picked up.



Collecting a Power Up Ball while defending this planet will make a ring appear that will follow the player and fire additional shots at enemies.


Collecting a Power Up Ball while defending this planet will double the speed of the player's shots.


Collecting a Power Up Ball while defending this planet will allow the player to fire a spreadshot of three bullets.


Kimet (キメット[3])
A small yellow rock.
Chamet (チャメット[3])
A small brown rock.
Broid (ブロイド[3])
Breaks away when shot at, releasing a Kimet.
Ringer (リンガー[4])
A medium rock with a ring.
Shuri (シューリー[4])
A bladed object that spins around the planet at high speed when shot at.
Trimet (トリメット[4])
Consists of a Kimet, Chamet and Ringer that will scatter when shot at.


During development, the game was known under the working title of simply Protector.[5]


Physical scans

Master System, JP
Galactic Protector MarkIII JP Top.jpg
GalacticProtector SMS JP Box Back.jpgGalacticProtector SMS JP Box Spine.jpgGalacticProtector SMS JP Box Front.jpgGalactic Protector MarkIII JP Side2.jpg
Galactic Protector MarkIII JP Bottom.jpg
Galactic Protector MarkIII JP Carttop.jpg
Galactic Protector MarkIII JP Cartback.jpgGalacticProtector SMS JP Cart.jpg

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Master System
CRC32 a6fa42d0
MD5 8d61b59296877216cf7e4b04a68bfa66
SHA-1 e8bcc3621e30ee445a74e6ddbe0842d0a6753f36
128kB Cartridge (JP)


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