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Control Pad
Made for: Sega Master System
Manufacturer: Sega
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Sega Master System
Sega Master System
Sega Master System
Sega Master System
Sega Master System
Sega Master System

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Master System Control Pad or Sega Control Pad (コントロールパッド) is the official controller which came packaged with Sega Master System consoles. The controller connects to the system via a DE-9 port, so it is also compatible with various other systems of the day including the Sega Mega Drive.


The control pad is very similar to the first generation of NES controllers, and all models contain a D-Pad and two buttons labeled 1 and 2. Button 1 also doubles as a  START  button, meaning it is only possible to pause a game by pressing the pause button on the console itself. As with the Sega Mark III, the D-Pad is a rounded square to avoid legal issues with Nintendo's patented cross-shaped design.


Several versions of the control pad exist exist:

SMSControlPad 2.jpg Model 1
the original Master System Control Pad. The D-Pad has a hole in the centre which allows for a small "thumbstick" to be inserted (much like Sega's earlier consoles). Like the Famicom in Japan, the lead from the controller comes out at the right-hand side of the unit.
SMSControlPad 1.jpg Model 2
Same as above, but now the lead comes out at the top.
Sms joypad.jpg Model 3
The hole for the thumbstick is completely removed. This version was introduced and most commonly associated with the Sega Master System II and was the only model used in Brazil.
ControlPad SMS KR.jpg South Korean model (Gam*Boy)
Samsung adopted their own controller for the console, which was given several new colour schemes throughout its lifespan.
ControlPad SMS KR GamBoyII.jpg South Korean model (Gam*Boy II)
ControlPad SMS KR GamBoyII New.jpg South Korean model (Gam*Boy II; newer)
ControlPad SMS BR.jpg BR model
Same as Model 3, but with the TecToy logo instead of the Sega one.

Magazine articles

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Physical scans

Master System, US ("model 3")
Control Pad SMS US Back.jpegControl Pad SMS US Front.jpeg
Master System, EU ("model 3")
Control Pad SMS EU Back.jpgSMS control pad boxed.jpg
Master System, BR
Joystick SMS BR Box Front.jpg

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