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Master System Evolution
Manufacturer: Tectoy
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Sega Master System

The Tectoy Master System Evolution is a video game console released by Tectoy in 2009 as a successor to the Tectoy Master System 3. It is a "console on a chip", containing 132 built-in Sega Master System games (Altered Beast was added, compared to its predecessor's list of games).

It ships with two customized six-button controllers, which are not compatible with previous versions of the Master System due to the functional Select button, that works as the "pause" button of the original console. A and B work as button 1, C as button 2, while X, Y and Z have no function other than reset the console, if all three are pressed together.

Two different versions of the console exist: the first one, released in August 2009, with a black theme and a Sonic outline artwork, and the second blue themed with a colored embossed Sonic artwork, released in August 2011[2].

Like previous releases, the number of games is debatable. For example, 20 em 1 is considered to represent 20 games.

Games included

Master System


  • Acerte o Alvo
  • Aquaduto
  • Arqueiro
  • Ataque dos Vermes
  • Aventuras na Floresta
  • Batalha Animal
  • Batalha no Mar
  • Bolas e Cores
  • Bolhas
  • Bombeiros
  • Cava Cava
  • Creature Capture
  • Domine o Território
  • Dominó
  • Dr. Limpeza
  • Fábrica de Chocolate
  • Hexágonos
  • Hockey de Mesa
  • Icepost Rescue
  • Junte 4
  • Master Pinball
  • Master Pong
  • Memória Master
  • Mina Terrestre
  • Minerador
  • Nim
  • Os 12 trabalhos de Jongo
  • Outsiders
  • Palhaços
  • Pense Bem 10 Jogos
  • Resta Um
  • Senha
  • Serpentes
  • Snowball
  • Sudoku
  • Tangram
  • Tanques

Digital manuals

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Blue version

Physical scans

Master System, BR (black)

Master System, BR (blue)

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