DVD Karaoke Game DVT-G100

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DVD Karaoke Game DVT-G100
Manufacturer: Tectoy
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Sega Master System

The Tectoy DVD Karaoke Game DVT-G100 is a strange product released by Sega's Brazilian distributor Tectoy in 2009. It is a DVD player, a Karaoke machine and a Sega Master System all built into one unit. Unfortunately rather than rely on cartridges, there are instead 100 built-in games, though only 64 are listed on the box.

It is compatible with DVDs, VideoCDs, MP3s, CDs, Photo CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVD-Rs and DVD-RWs of any region, though it only functions in progressive scan. The system comes bundled with two six button controllers, though none of the games make use of all six buttons.

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