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Master System Kiosk
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Sega Master System
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The Master System Kiosk is, as the name suggests, a display kiosk for the Sega Master System. The system offers a choice of games for users to play, and like modern kiosks was usually found within game stores to help promote the console.

Unlike more modern console kiosks, the Master System kiosk is not simply a shell protecting the console, but in fact a completely different piece of hardware capable of running Master System games. Inside houses sixteen cartridge ports for western Master System games, and each game can be selected from the front of the unit. Up to four controllers can be attached to the unit from the back (which is important for games reliant on the Light Phaser), and a television is designed to be placed on top of the unit.

By default, the kiosk shipped with the following games (each with their own selection card):

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