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Beep! MegaDrive
Publisher: SoftBank Creative
Country of origin: Japan
Backed systems: Sega Mega Drive
First issue date: 1989-05
Last issue date: 1994-12
Number of issues: 65
Frequency: quarterly, Monthly
Price: ¥480, later ¥540
Preceded by: Beep!
Succeeded by: Sega Saturn Magazine

Beep! MegaDrive (ビープ!メガドライブ) was a monthly magazine sold within Japan that focused on the Sega Mega Drive. It was the successor to Beep!, a multi-format magazine which had given significant coverage to the Sega Master System at a time when most other Japanese publications focused almost solely on the Famicom.

The magazine continued until 1995 when it was rebranded Sega Saturn Magazine and focused on the Sega Saturn.

Back issues

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  • Misc. Article: Report, Interview, Short Serialization and Others.



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