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For other versions of Sega Force, see Sega Force.
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Fast facts on SEGA Force
Publisher: Impact Magazines
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Backed systems: Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear
First issue date: January 1992
Last issue date: July 1993
Number of issues: 19
Frequency: Monthly
Price: £1.95
ISSN: 0964-2552
Succeeded by: Sega Force Mega, Sega Master Force

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The UK edition of Sega Force was a video gaming magazine which specialised in Sega hardware. It was originally to be launched in 1991, but when publishers Newsfield went bust[1] the launch was delayed until 1992 under a new publisher. In 1993 it was divided up into Sega Force Mega and Sega Master Force.

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