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Fast facts on Sega Saturn Magazine
Publisher: EMAP
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Backed systems: Sega Saturn
First issue date: Nov. 1995
Last issue date: Nov. 1998
Number of issues: 37
Frequency: Monthly
ISSN: 1360-9424
Preceded by: Sega Magazine, Mean Machines Sega

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Sega Saturn Magazine was a monthly magazine released in the UK as the "official" magazine dedicated to the Sega Saturn, having previously been titled Sega Magazine. For nearly two years it was the only Saturn-based magazine in the country (though Saturn+ was a small time competitor for a few months) and ran from November 1995 to November 1998. In its early days the magazine provided Sega Flash demo discs, produced by Sega themselves, though this feature was cut from the later releases as Sega had moved their efforts onto supporting the Sega Dreamcast.

Sega Saturn Magazine was notable for having a more mature outlook than most other magazines of the time. It kept readers up to date with events happening in Japan and the US, and a focus on imported games not available in the UK. It was also able to obtain information about the Sega Dreamcast before other magazines due to its connections with Sega.

Magazine Staff

  • Rich Ledbetter – Editor-in-chief
  • Lee Nutter – Senior staff writer
  • Gary Cutlack – Staff writer
  • Jason McEvoy – Art editor
  • Matt Yeo – Deputy editor
  • Nick Paterson – Deputy art editor

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