Official Dreamcast Magazine (UK)

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Fast facts on Official Dreamcast Magazine
Publisher: Dennis Publishing
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Backed systems: Sega Dreamcast
First issue date: 1999-09
Last issue date: 2001-07
Number of issues: 22
Frequency: Monthly
Price: £4.99
ISSN: 1467-6265

The United Kingdom edition of the Official Dreamcast Magazine was a monthly magazine dedicated to the Sega Dreamcast which ran from September 1999 to July/August 2001. Though not the longest running Dreamcast magazine, it was the most popular, mostly due to the fact it was endorsed by Sega and came bundled with DreamOn demo discs (one of which featured a full game, Sega Swirl and another issue came bundled with Planet Ring).

Though the magazine kept up a strong userbase for most of its lifetime, towards the end problems started to occur with the manufacturing of the demo discs. As Dreamcast support was dwindling in favour of the PlayStation 2, the publishers struggled to fill the discs with new demos, and in fact the final issue simply had "the best" demos from previous issues. Despite claims that the magazine would keep going as long as new Dreamcast games were released, it finished abruptly when no content could be found for the discs and future backing from Sega looked unlikely.

The fact that Sega endorsed the magazine also meant ODM was unable to criticise games fully, so even the poorest of Dreamcast games often received praise from parts of the review, even if the end score was low. It was, however, more up to date than rival magazines as it could access information directly from Sega themselves.

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