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Fast facts on Saturn Power
Publisher: Future Publishing
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Backed systems: Sega Saturn
First issue date: 1997-06
Last issue date: 1998-02
Number of issues: 10
Frequency: Monthly
Price: £4.99, £2.50
ISSN: 1368-0013
Preceded by: Sega Power

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Saturn Power was a monthly magazine released in the UK, as the successor to Sega Power. It was relaunched in June 1997 as consoles previously covered by Sega Power, the Sega Master System and Sega Mega Drive were no longer being supported, and so the next logical step seemed to be to back the Sega Saturn. However, the magazine only saw 10 issues released before being axed.

The magazine came with its own set of branded demo discs.

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