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Fast facts on DC-UK
Publisher: Future Publishing
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Backed systems: Sega Dreamcast
First issue date: August 1999
Last issue date: April 2001
Number of issues: 20
Frequency: Monthly
ISSN: 1467-5250

DC-UK was a Sega Dreamcast magazine published by Future Publishing in the United Kingdom.

It has been rumoured that Future had put in a bid for the official Dreamcast license in the UK, but had to pull out after Sony Computer Entertainment Europe complained (as at the time, Future Publishing had the rights to sell the official PlayStaiton magazine too). The end result was DC-UK, with Dennis Publishing being given the rights to produce the Official Dreamcast Magazine instead.

In the first few months sales of DC-UK were very strong, though never matched that of the Official Dreamcast Magazine whose selling point was the bundled demo discs provided by Sega. Towards the end of its life the spin-off magazine DC-TIPS was created, though sales for both magazines suffered when British customers dropped the Dreamcast in favour of the PlayStation 2.

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