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Total Saturn
Publisher: Rapide Publishing
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Backed systems: Sega Saturn
First issue date: 1996-08-xx
Last issue date: 1997-02-28
Number of issues: 6
Frequency: Monthly
ISSN: 1364-9469

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Total Saturn was a monthly magazine which backed the Sega Saturn and was released in the UK. It was not a particularly successful magazine and is therefore one of the rarest, being sold only in a handful of video game stores rather than normal magazine stands.

The magazine was often accused of plagiarism, and made a habit of using Sony PlayStation screenshots to describe cross-platform titles. It came with its own brand of demo discs.

It is not currently known how many issues of Total Saturn were released and when. Some sources say ten issues were produced across 1997, though the coverage of older games and lack of information on the internet to support the 10 issue claim, suggests perhaps only six issues were printed, likely in the latter half of 1996.


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Back issues

Issue PDF Name Date Price Barcode Extras
1 Logo-pdf.svg Volume One Issue One 1996-08-xx[1] £4.954.95 9771364946006-01 Gremlin Interactive Demo Disk
2 Logo-pdf.svg Volume One Issue Two 1996-09-30[2] £4.954.95 9771364946006-02 Impact Racing Playable Demonstration Disk
3 Logo-pdf.svg Volume One Issue Three 1996-11-29[3] £4.954.95 9771364946006-03 Crimewave Demo
4 Logo-pdf.svg Volume One Issue Four 1996-12-29[4] £4.954.95 9771364946006-04 Demo disc
5 Logo-pdf.svg Volume One Issue Five 1997-01-20[5] £4.954.95 9771364946006-05 Pinball Graffiti Playable Demonstration Disk
6 Logo-pdf.svg Volume One Issue Six 1997-02-28[6] £4.954.95 9771364946006-04 Swagman Playable Demo


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