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Fast facts on PlayStation
Manufacturer: Sony
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Sony PlayStation
1994-12-03 ¥39,800  ?

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PlayStation (プレイステーション) was the first Sony console and the main competitor for the Sega Saturn.


Sega support

For most of its life the PlayStation was placed as a direct competitor to Sega and its Sega Saturn console, and while decisions made by Sony Computer Entertainment and its affiliates affected Sega corporate policy, it was not a console actively supported by Sega until the early 2000s. Even then, support was limited to Japan, and most software releases were as a result of Sega purchasing the Puyo Puyo intellectual property from Compile (the Sega-authored 2003 release of Puyo Puyo Sun for example, is a budget re-release of Compile's earlier title).

With the demise of the Sega Dreamcast in early 2001, Sega released MiniMoni. Shakka to Tambourine! Dapyon! for the PlayStation - the only non-Puyo Puyo video game released by Sega for the console. As with most third-party development, however, focus shifted to the newer PlayStation 2, as the aging original PlayStation platform was becoming less commercially viable at this point in time.

Sega did not support the PlayStation in any form outside of Japan, the only exception being to make up a shortfall of plastic game boxes in North America during the PlayStation's demanding launch period[1].

Hardware comparison

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While both the PlayStation and Sega Saturn debuted within the same month in Japan, the technology behind to two systems is wildly different, with the PlayStation outperforming the Saturn in some tasks and vice versa. Typically the relative ease of use of the PlayStation is considered to have been a better fit for the rise of 3D games during the 1990s, with the Saturn having an edge with 2D games.

List of Sega games for the PlayStation


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