Blazing Dragons

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Blazing Dragons
Publisher: Crystal Dynamics
System(s): Sega Saturn
Genre: Adventure

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
$? T-15907H
Sega Saturn
£? T-15913H-50
Sega Saturn
?F T-15913H-50
Sega Saturn
DM ? T-15913H-50
Sega Saturn
?Ptas T-15913H-50

Blazing Dragons is a Sega Saturn (and Sony PlayStation) adventure game developed by The Illusions Gaming Company and published by Crystal Dynamics. It was the brainchild of Terry Jones, formerly known for his work with Monty Python and features a number of celebrity voiceovers including Harry Shearer and Cheech Marin.

The game follows the adventures of Squire Flicker, a dragon resident in the kingdom of Camelhot who specializes in inventions and is the squire of Sir Loungealot. He is infatuated with the lovely Princess Flame, the daughter of King All-Fire. In order to marry the princess, the King holds a royal tournament that would reward the victor the crown, wealth as well as the princess' hand in marriage. In an odd twist to the stereotypical tale of medieval storytelling, humans are depicted as evil, sinister people. Most notably would be Sir George who plans to take over the dragon kingdom. Whats worse, Sir George enters himself into the tournament in order to defeat the competition and take over Camelhot.

A TV series which ran for two seasons was produced to accompany this game, though many of the voice talents were replaced.


The gameplay is very similar to most point and click adventure games. Players guide Flicker with the use of a cursor that is moved by the D-pad. Flicker can perform multiple actions that allow him to interact or pick up objects. The game follows a style similar to Lucasarts adventure titles in which the player can never truly get stuck or get killed. The game also gives hints for the more impractical puzzles through Flicker's 'Inventor's Book' that contain illustrations of contraptions that Flicker can create if he has the right items at his disposal. The game's manual also provides hints in some sections of the game.


Flicker's actions and movements are controlled by using the D-Pad to move the action icon around the screen. When the icon moves over an object, items or people, the icon will change or animate to show the player what can be interacted with. The player uses A or C (by default) to scroll through commands and use the B (by default) to interact with the object or person.

  • Eye: - Used to look at objects. Flicker will provide a personal description
  • Foot: - Moves Flicker around the area, can also be used to travel between rooms and areas.
  • Jaw: - Flicker can talk to people which may also provide a Dialogue Tree that provides more subjects to talk to people with.
  • Claw: - Used to pick up or interact with objects.
  • Item Bag: Selecting the Item Bag in the corner of the screen or pressing X (by default) opens up Flicker's bag that he can combine, interact or look at items at his disposal. Anything that Flicker picks up in the game will be placed here.
  • Flicker's Face: Used to return to previous screens if the game provides close ups or to exit out of the Item Bag screen.

Mini Games

The game also provides games that can be played by using direct control of Flicker.

  • Cat-A-Pult
  • Dance Contest
  • Rabbid Rabbits
  • Thumb Wrestling

Magazine articles

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Promotional material


GamePro US 079.pdfGamePro US 079.pdf

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GamePro (US) #79: "February 1996" (199x-xx-xx)

EGM US 084.pdf

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Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #84: "July 1996" (1996-xx-xx)

PlayerOne FR 068.pdf

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Player One (FR) #68: "Octobre 1996" (1996-xx-xx)

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Hyper (AU) #39: "January 1997" (199x-xx-xx)

Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
40 №181, p82[1]
40 №41, p92
77 №1996/10, p42[2]
45 №51, p72[3]
89 №67, p98-100
23 №14, p80/81[4]
Sega Saturn
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7 reviews

Saturn, US
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Saturn, EU

Saturn, DE
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Technical information

Save data

The game makes use of the Saturn's internal battery back-up as well as the Saturn Backup Memory to save data for system configuration as well as progress. You can save a total of ten games on the system RAM and the Back-Up Ram Cart.

Blazing Dragons Save Data
Name Comment File Size
BDRAGONS### Savegame # 1


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