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Soviet Strike
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Electronic Arts (US/EU), Electronic Arts Victor (JP)
Sound driver: SCSP (1Track)
Peripherals supported: 3D Control Pad, Saturn Backup Memory, Mission Stick
Genre: Shooting/Simulation[1], Shooting[2]

Number of players: 1
Official in-game languages:
  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Français
  • 日本語
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Saturn
    ¥5,800 (6,090)5,800e[3] T-10621G
    Sega Rating: All Ages
    Sega Saturn
    ESRB: Teen
    Sega Saturn
    ELSPA: 11+ OK
    Sega Saturn
    USK: 18
    Sega Saturn
    ELSPA: 11+ OK
    Sega Saturn
    Sega Saturn
    £44.9944.99[6] T-5013H-50
    ELSPA: 11+ OK
    Sega Saturn
    Sega Saturn
    OFLC: G8
    Sega Saturn
    Tectoy: Todas as Idades
    Non-Sega versions

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    Soviet Strike (ソビエトストライク) is an entry in the Strike series of helicopter action games, developed by Electronic Arts.


    Story takes place in early-90s during the transition period of the post-Soviet collapse. Various strongmen attempt to take advantage of the confusion caused by the the collapse of the Soviet Union in order to advance their own agenda. A covert US paramilitary organization called the STRIKE is authorized by the President of the United States to initiate covert operations and stop a potential nuclear war before it starts. Player, who is simply adressed as "Commander" is the newest member of the STRIKE and tasked with the piloting the newest version of the legendary attack helicopter, Super Apache.



    General Earle
    Field Commander of the STRIKE. A one-star US Marine Corps general with tough and no-nonsense personality. Born leader and tactical genius. Vietnam war veteran and survivor of the Bay of Pigs invasion. Coffee addict. Hates politicans ("poli-chickens" as he calls them) and makes no effort to hide it.
    Real name unknown. Arrested and given life sentence for breaking into every single top secret US Government network. Earle gave him an offer to work for STRIKE in return of better conditions in jail. Genius level intelligence. Probably sanest person in the group.
    Andrea Grey
    A reporter for the Global Broadcasting Service... by day. By night, she is a spy, infiltrator and assassin. Offered her services to STRIKE, hoping for a greater challenge. Don't be fooled by her pretty face, she knows nearly fifty different ways to kill you. In charge of assisting the commander with ground operations during missions and creating cover stories once the mission is over.
    Nick Arnold
    Was the head pilot of the STRIKE until you showed up. Now assigned to ground operations. Reckless, aggressive, insubordinate, disaster-prone and bit of a douche. You will end up saving him many times over the course of the game. Cheated death so many times, carries his last will his pocket. One of these days, his luck will run out. Just make sure you don't go down with him.
    Ivan Uralia
    Former Soviet Army air cavalry pilot. Volunteered to transport the exposed nuclear core to safety with his helicopter during the Chernobyl Disaster, suffering serious radiation burns and contacting terminal cancer. Knows he has little time and wants to help to make the world a safer place before he dies. Will be your co-pilot after Arnold gets himself "killed".
    Agent Amad
    Your old friend from the previous Strike games. This SAS-trained commando will be your advisor during the third mission and help you stopping a religious zealot from acquiring chemical weapons. His knowledge of the terrain and his relatives will be invaluable during the operation.
    The Security Czar
    This mysterious man is the link between STRIKE and the other world leaders. No one knows who he is or even he actually exists. Considering that he was instrumental in the creation of the STRIKE, it can be assumed that he holds immense political power.



    Uri Vatsiznov
    Former head of KGB and commander of various ex-Soviet special forces units. World class chess player and mass murderer. Has a human rights record that would make Vlad Tepes look like Mahatma Gandhi. Known to be hiding in somewhere in Crimea.
    Vladimir Ceaucescu
    Former motorized rifle brigade commander. Possibly a cannibal, sexual deviant and mass murderer. Known to have resorted to Nerve Gas, Biological weapons, murder and kidnapping in the past. If there is a war crime this psycho hasn't committed yet, it probably doesn't exist. Show no mercy on him or his troops; for they will have none for you.
    Sadissa Savak
    This psychopathic mullah managed to create an army of faithful, suicidal followers. Despite the photos of him looking tough and brave, Savak is a coward and will most likely remain far away from the frontlines, ready to fight to the last drop of everyone's blood but his. Also a mass murderer. He must be stopped before he gets a hold of any type of weapons of mass destruction. Eliminate him before he turns middle east into a chemical wasteland.
    Grymyenko Ukranian
    This insane former nuclear scientist with weird surname is the leader of local army of ex-hard liners who have been deported by the new Russian government. The mad doctor made a fortune for himself by selling weapons grade uranium to the highest bidders and, unsurprisingly, human experimentation. Stop him before he has time to use the weapons he purchased on you. Probably a mass murderer.
    Vila Ceacucescu
    Nicknamed "Black Widow", Big Vlad's beautiful yet psychopathic daughter who will make things even more difficult for you during your mission in Romania. Wanted for: Treason, war crimes, torture, terrorism, being an unlawful combatant, being a woman, killing and eating partners after copulating (suspected), mass murder.
    Alexei Kapanov
    A violent mob boss who will be one of your main targets during the Moscow operation. This wanna-be Don idolizes the Sicilian Mafia and models himself after Al Capone. Once a KGB liaison to the Black Market who procured items for Party Members, he is now the most powerful mobster in Moscow. Not sure if a Mass murderer but then again, he is a Russian gangster so what do you expect?
    Boris Moranovski
    Ex-KGB head and politician. In cahoots with Kapanov and the Shadowman. Deadly afraid of bears. Quite possibly a mass murderer.
    "The Shadowman"
    Mysterious mastermind behind the conspiracy, Shadowman is your ultimate target. His identity and whereabouts are currently unknown. Most definetely a mass murderer.



    First mission takes place in a very politically volatile area. STRIKE detected transfers of massive amount of funds and delivery location of the black market weapons are located in a small, isolated valley near Black Sea. Find out who is buying these deadly toys and rescue our agent Nick Arnold.
    Black Sea
    A brigade of rogue ex-soviet troops took control of a old naval base in the Black Sea. In addition to the old yet still formidable ex-soviet navy vessels, a number of nuclear missiles are in jeopardy. Make sure neither the fleet nor the missiles make it to the open sea.
    Caspian Mountains
    Only 40 miles north from the original Desert Strike campaign, this area will be the toughest mission you will face. So don't waste time with nostalgia. Religous zealot Sadissa Savak attempts to capture an old chemical weapons factory with his heavily armed force. STRIKE has no support from outside and only way to stop Savak is to utilize local tribes who are pretty okay with killing each other if there are no enemies to kill. Agent Amad will guide you through this treacherous and deadly land.
    Taking place near an old nuclear power plant in a Transylvanian valley in Romania, this mission will have you dealing with copious amount of radioactive fallout caused by a leaking nuclear reactor. Entire area has turned to a hell on Earth and only a small number of UN Troops are standing between civilians and perpetrators of this disaster. Assist these brave troops if you can but don't forget the main mission.
    Russia is in the brink of a civil war. The Shadowman, supported by the Russian Mafia and the hardliners, attempted a coup and the Moscow turned into a warzone. Safety of the elected leaders, including Boris Yeltsin is in jeopardy. If Yeltsin dies, we might end up witnessing a new world war. You will be facing unsurmountable odds and are not expected to survive. Make it count.


    Soviet Strike is the fourth game in the series, and the first to be presented in 3D. It was released for the Sega Saturn in 1997, several months after the PlayStation version. It would be the last Strike game on a Sega system; the next and final Strike game, Nuclear Strike, was released for the PlayStation, PC and Nintendo 64.

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    Print advert in EGM² (US) #29: "November 1996" (1996-xx-xx)
    Print advert in Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #91: "February 1997" (199x-xx-xx)
    Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #1997-31: "1997-31 (1997-09-12)" (1997-08-29)
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    Soviet Strike

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    Technical information

    ROM dump status

    System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
    Sega Saturn
    662,302,032 CD-ROM (DE) T-5013H-18 V1.000
    Sega Saturn
    662,915,904 CD-ROM (EU) T-5013H-50 V1.000
    Sega Saturn
    662,640,720 CD-ROM (FR) T-5013H-09 V1.000
    Sega Saturn
    661,060,176 1997-07-08 CD-ROM (JP) T-10621G V1.000
    Sega Saturn
    662,915,904 CD-ROM (US) T-5013H V1.000


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    Soviet Strike

    SovietStrike title.png

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