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Nintendo 64
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Add-ons: Nintendo 64DD
Release Date RRP Code
Nintendo 64
1996-06-23 ¥25,000 ?

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The Nintendo 64 ( ニンテンドウ64 ) was Nintendo's home console during the fifth generation of gaming and a competitor to the Sega Saturn. Different to Sega and Sony's 5th generation consoles, it uses cartridges.


Sega support

Only one game was released for the Nintendo 64 that had any Sega involvement. It was the Puyo Puyo game Puyo Puyo~n Party released in 1999 as Sega owned the Puyo license at the time and are also credited in the game, though Compile were largely involved with the development and publishing of the game.

Hardware comparison

Main article: Sega Saturn/Hardware comparison.

Due of the use of the cartridges, is rare to see a Nintendo 64 game that uses videos for the cutscenes.

List of Sega games for the Nintendo 64