Rayman 2: The Great Escape

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Rayman 2: The Great Escape
Rayman2 vmuA.png
System(s): Sega Dreamcast
Publisher: Ubisoft
Peripherals supported: Jump Pack, Dreamcast Modem, Dreamcast VGA Box, Visual Memory Unit
Genre: Action Adventure[1][2], Action[3]

Number of players: 1-4
Official in-game languages:
  • 日本語
  • English
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Español
  • Italiano
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Dreamcast
    ¥5,800 (6,090)5,800e[2] T-17703M
    Sega Rating: All Ages
    Sega Dreamcast
    $49.9949.99[6] T-17704N
    ESRB: Everyone
    Sega Dreamcast
    ELSPA: 3+ OK
    Sega Dreamcast
    USK: 0
    Sega Dreamcast
    ELSPA: 3+ OK
    Sega Dreamcast
    SELL: Tous Publics
    Sega Dreamcast
    £39.9939.99[10][11] T-17707D-50
    ELSPA: 3+ OK
    Sega Dreamcast
    Sega Dreamcast
    Tectoy: Todas as Idades
    Non-Sega versions

    Rayman 2: The Great Escape, known as Rayman Kaizokusen Kara no Dasshutsu! (レイマン 海賊船からの脱出!) in Japan, is the sequel to Rayman, brought to several video game platforms including the Sega Dreamcast in 2000. Developed and published by Ubisoft, it was the first 3D Rayman game, and follows Rayman as he liberates all his friends from a gang of evil pirates.


    The Glade of Dreams was at peace until a band of evil robot pirates, led by the extremely evil Admiral Razorbeard, take over Rayman's world, and to make things worse, smash the Heart of the World into 1000 pieces (Yellow Lums)!! Rayman is captured, too, and thrown in a cell on the Pirate Prison Ship. Globox, Rayman's best friend, is sent by Ly the Fairy to get captured and give Rayman a silver Lum that regenerates his fist. Afterwards, Rayman is able to shoot glowing orbs from his fist that attacks enemies. Globox gives Rayman more Lums along the way to make his fist stronger. Rayman can also obtain a golden fist that doubles the power of his fist.

    Rayman sets out to collect the 1000 Lums, and retrieve the 4 Masks of Polokus, to awaken him so that he can help Rayman save the Glade of Dreams and defeat Razorbeard.


    Departing from the 2D gameplay of the original game, Rayman 2 is a 3D platformer through linear levels. Rayman can freely move around with the Analog Stick, jump with A, and shoot using his Magic Fist with B. His helicopter ability from the first game is available by default and can be turned on and off with A while in mid-air. In some bodies of water, Rayman can swim underwater, but only for a limited time. By receiving Silver Lums from Ly the Fairy and Globox over the course of the story, Rayman can unlock additional abilities.

    To progress through the game, Rayman must collect the Yellow Lums scattered across the world and break open cages to set characters free. The final cage in a level contains a Teensie that will help him exit the level and move on to the next. Levels can feature sections in which Rayman must combat one or more Robo-Pirates in order to proceed. During combat, L can be held down to lock on to a single enemy and strafe, making combat easier. X and Y can be used to rotate the camera and get a view of Rayman's surroundings, though an icon will buzz on the screen if the camera cannot be moved.


    Yellow Lum
    The 1,000 fragments of the Heart of the World, broken by the Pirates. These are required to open levels in the Isle of Doors, and will also give Rayman knowledge of the world which is accessed by holding Up on the D-Pad.
    Super Yellow Lum
    A larger Yellow Lum worth five Yellow Lums.
    Red Lum
    Found in the open or within possession of the Pirates, these refill Rayman's life bar. Some of them form a chain that must be collected within a time limit or they will vanish.
    Blue Lum
    Oxygen-rich Lums found in underwater sections that will refill Rayman's air gauge when collected.
    Green Lum
    These Lums act as checkpoints when collected. If Rayman dies, he will respawn from the last Green Lum's location.
    Purple Lum
    Rayman can swing from these Lums by shooting at them once he has earned the ability to do so.
    Silver Lum
    Special Lums created by Ly the Fairy, which will restore Rayman's lost abilities or upgrade his existing ones.
    These contain Lums or other characters that Rayman must set free. For every 10th cage broken, Rayman's life bar will be permanently extended.
    Power Fist
    Triples the power of Rayman's shots. If he gets hit or dies three times, the Power Fist will be lost.
    Glob Crystal
    These unlock mini-games when collected and brought to Globox Village.
    These explosive kegs can be picked up and thrown at enemies or certain obstacles to destroy them.
    These can be thrown at enemies or used as transport across rivers of lava.
    Four Masks of Polokus
    Found within Sanctuaries, Rayman is required to collect these as part of the story in order to awaken Polokus.


    Rayman2DC Level1Woods.png

    The Woods of Light
    Yellow Lums: 5
    Cages: 2
    Rayman lands in these woods after escaping the Prison Ship at the start of the game, separated from Globox. Here, he first meets a group of Teensies who argue over who the king is, introducing him to the Isle of Doors. If Rayman comes back to this level after acquiring the ability to swing from Purple Lums, he can find Globox Village, a location exclusive to the Dreamcast version.

    Rayman2DC Level2Fairy.png

    The Fairy Glade
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 7
    In this level, Rayman must cross piranha-infested waters and infiltrate a Robo-Pirate stronghold in order to rescue Ly the Fairy, who is held prisoner in an electric forcefield that must be turned off by destroying the machine that powers it. After being set free, Ly will explain Polokus and the four masks to Rayman, and will give him a Silver Lum that allows him to swing from Purple Lums.

    The first Glob Crystal can be found at the end of the polluted chasm.

    Rayman2DC Marshes.png

    The Marshes of Awakening
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 5
    In this level, Rayman has to set free a watersnake named Ssssam, who doesn't know anything about the four masks of Polokus but informs him that Globox has been recaptured by the Pirates, and offers him a waterski ride across the marshes. While riding Ssssam, the player has to avoid Zombie Chickens and piranhas while collecting Yellow Lums and smashing into cages directly.

    The entrance to the Cave of Bad Dreams is located at the beginning of this level, and Rayman must return here after meeting Clark in the Menhir Hills to enter it.

    Rayman2 DC The Bayou.png

    The Bayou
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 7
    The level opens with a cutscene where Admiral Razorbeard, leader of the Robo-Pirates, eats a Yellow Lum, reducing the maximum Yellow Lum count to 999. Throughout the level, Rayman will be pursued by warships that will attempt to bombard him, and he must avoid them by crossing the murky green waters, jumping across barrels to proceed.

    If Rayman has at least 60 Yellow Lums, he can access the Walk of Life at the beginning of this level.

    Rayman2 DC WalkofLife.png

    The Walk of Life
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 0
    One of two optional levels in which Rayman races with Ly through a forest filled with bouncing cobwebs, collapsing bridges and climbing vines, collecting Yellow Lums along the way. Ly simply acts as a guide through the course - the real obstacle of the level is the time limit, which can be extended by walking over the golden lily pads. If Rayman makes it to the end in time, Ly will permanently extend his life bar as a reward.

    This level is first accessed within the Bayou. After the first visit, it can be accessed directly from the Isle of Doors.


    The Sanctuary of Water and Ice
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 2
    The first time Rayman enters this level, he is sent to the Chamber of the Teensies, and will require 100 Yellow Lums to open the stone door leading to this level.

    Arriving on the beach of an island, Rayman will need to open the door leading into the Sanctuary itself by bringing two Magic Spheres to the triangular bases of their colour. Upon entering the Sanctuary, he will slide down a water-coated slide amidst a star-filled abyss, jumping over bottomless pits and grabbing Yellow Lums along the way. At the end of the slide, Rayman encounters the Sanctuary's guardian, Axel, who will attack by dropping icicles, and must be defeated by swinging across a series of Purple Lums and attacking the icicle above his head. Once Axel is defeated, Rayman can reach the end of the level and collect the first mask of Polokus.

    The second Glob Crystal is found in a hidden cave in the first section.


    The Menhir Hills
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 8
    This level serves as an introduction to the walking shells, which are explosive rocket-like robots that Rayman can ride on after tiring them out, which he will need to do to reach the Military Academy. There, Rayman will meet Clark, who has accidentally swallowed a robot part and will need the Elixir of Life from the Cave of Bad Dreams to recover. After returning to this level with the elixir, Clark will be able to break down walls and allow Rayman to continue to a second walking shell-riding section in which he must avoid crashing into the many menhirs that litter the tunnels and forest.

    Rayman2 DC CaveBadDreams.png

    The Cave of Bad Dreams
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 0
    Located in the Marshes of Awakening, this level is where the monsters of Polokus' nightmares are locked away by its guardian, Jano, who will not allow Rayman entry until he knows the name of the place, which he learns from Clark in the Menhir Hills. Upon reaching a certain point in the level, Jano will give chase to Rayman down a slide, followed by Rayman using skulls created by Jano to cross large chasms.

    At the end of the level is a treasure chamber, and Rayman is given a choice to take all the treasure for himself or reject it. Choosing "I want the treasure!" results in a fake ending where Rayman becomes obese and sleeps on a deserted island before returning to the decision. Choosing "No treasure for me!" will return him to the Marshes of Awakening, with Jano giving him the Elixir of Life as a reward for not being greedy.


    The Canopy
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 4
    This level opens with Rayman being chased by a giant spider. Though it can be defeated, the player can simply avoid it. After the spider chase, the player will find Globox held prisoner. Once he is freed, Globox will accompany Rayman throughout the level and help deactivate laser barriers by performing rain dances, but will hide in fear if there are any Robo-Pirates nearby. At a certain point, Globox will give Rayman another Silver Lum entrusted to him by Ly, which will give Rayman the ability to charge his shots. At the end of the level, he will leave to return to his wife, Uglette.

    Rayman2 DC WhaleBay.png

    Whale Bay
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 4
    Carmen the Whale has been captured by the Robo-Pirates, and Rayman must make his way through the Pirates' fortress to rescue her. Once she has been freed, she will provide air bubbles that Rayman can use to refill his air while swimming deep into the underwater caverns, though piranhas will attempt to pop the bubbles. Carmen will eventually lead Rayman to a sunken wreck, which he can swim inside to reach the level's exit.

    The third Glob Crystal can be found in a hidden cave nearby where Carmen and the piranhas stop.

    Rayman2 DC Sanctuary of Stone and Fire.png

    The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 8
    The first time Rayman enters this level, he is sent to the Chamber of the Teensies, and will require 300 Yellow Lums to open the stone door leading to this level.

    Much of this level revolves around navigating a network of canyons filled with lava. To cross the lava, Rayman must pluck the plums and then ride them across the rivers, using his Magic Fist to propel himself across. Upon entering the Sanctuary itself, Rayman will have to go through more plum-riding, as well as puzzles that require him to carry Magic Spheres across obstacle courses in order to awaken the Sanctuary's guardian, Umber. Unlike Axel, Umber is not hostile to Rayman, and simply carries Rayman across a pool of lava to the second mask.

    This level also features a second temple that does not contain the second mask and is therefore completely optional, though it instead contains additional Yellow Lums and cages, necessitating a visit should the player have intentions on achieving 100% completion.

    Rayman2 DC TheEchoingCaves.png

    The Echoing Caves
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 5
    In the first part of the level, Rayman must make his away around a forest stronghold and activate four switches that will unlock the door necessary to move forward. The status of the switches will be displayed on the HUD, though they can be activated in any order. Following this section, Rayman will navigate the underground tunnels where he will need to ignite a keg next to flaming torches to fly with them.

    This level features a hole that leads to an extra area in the Fairy Glade, where he can find the fourth Glob Crystal.

    Rayman2 DC Precipice.png

    The Precipice
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 6
    Much of this level involves Rayman running across collapsing bridges through the canyons while under pursuit by a warship that is bombarding him with cannonballs, helicopter bombs and red walking shells. Another section also sees Rayman climbing up a tower that is sinking into water. At the end of the level, Rayman will have to glide down to a pier leading to an area where he must defeat a Ninja Henchman to proceed. The fifth Glob Crystal is hidden away in this area.

    Rayman2 DC Topoftheworld.png

    The Top of the World
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 2
    This is one of the shortest levels in the game, featuring only two sections, the first of which is a ride on a speeding chair to enter a Robo-Pirate base, avoiding obstacles and collecting Yellow Lums along the way, while the second section has Rayman make his way around the crate-filled storage areas and find the Teensie in order to exit the level.

    Rayman2 DC Sanctuary Rock and Lava.png

    The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 7
    This Sanctuary is so large that it spans two levels, with the first level starting in a swampy area that spans its entire first section, ending with Rayman entering the Sanctuary itself. The second section sees Rayman going through the Sanctuary's corridors, which in addition to lava are also overgrowing with brambles that he must ride past on floating flowers.

    If Rayman has collected enough Yellow Lums, he can access the Walk of Power at the beginning of this level.


    The Walk of Power
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 0
    The second of two optional levels in which Rayman races with Ly across a series of rivers with waterfalls and lily pads, collecting Yellow Lums along the way. Ly simply acts as a guide through the course - the real obstacle of the level is the time limit, which can be extended by walking over the golden lily pads. If Rayman makes it to the end in time, Ly will give him three Power Fists as a reward.

    This level is first accessed within the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava. After the first visit, it can be accessed directly from the Isle of Doors.

    Rayman2 DC BeneathSanctuaryRockLava.png

    Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 4
    The first time Rayman enters this level, he is sent to the Chamber of the Teensies, and will require 475 Yellow Lums to open the stone door leading to this level.

    This level is a continuation of the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava. As soon as the level begins, Ly will appear and give Rayman a Silver Lum that upgrades his helicopter ability, allowing him to fly freely by holding A to fly higher and L to move around, which he will need to do to navigate the Sanctuary's thorny corridors. Another section has Rayman be blown forward by a strong gust of wind across a river of lava. After reaching the end of this section, he will be sucker-punched by the Sanctuary's guardian, Foutch, and will lose his ability to fly.

    To defeat Foutch, the player will need to run away and avoid his columns and rows of fire, and use the cobwebs to bounce up to the stalactites and drop them on his head. After three hits, Foutch is defeated, and Rayman can use the Purple Lums to leave the boss arena and acquire the third mask.

    Rayman2 DC Tombofancients.png

    Tomb of the Ancients
    Yellow Lums: 50 + 1
    Cages: 6
    This level has Rayman make his way through this tomb, learning that Clark had been captured by the Robo-Pirates and brought to the Technical Check-up. The first section has Rayman making his way through the graveyards of the tomb while avoiding spiders and piranhas, while the second section has Rayman riding barrels and flying kegs through the murky tunnels. Upon reaching the Technical Check-up, Rayman must fight Clark, who is being controlled by a device attached to his back, by activating a laser to trip him up so he can attack the controlling device.

    This level features the 1,000th Yellow Lum, which can be accessed by using the helicopter ability to fly into a hidden hole in the wall at the end of the first section, leading to a secret passage filled with Henchmen 800s. This Lum does not count towards the Lum count for this level and will not raise the maximum Yellow Lum count back to 1,000 when collected, but is still required for 100% completion.

    Rayman2 DC Iron Mountains.png

    The Iron Mountains
    Yellow Lums: 50
    Cages: 3
    The first time Rayman enters this level, he is sent to the Chamber of the Teensies, and will require 550 Yellow Lums to open the stone door leading to this level.

    The level first sees Rayman going through a Pirates' stronghold amidst a swamp, eventually leading to a hot air balloon that takes him to the Reformatory for Disturbing Children. This reformatory features a giant Robot Dinosaur that Rayman must avoid as he infiltrates it and use a walking shell to activate switches to set the Baby Globoxes free. Finally, Rayman must hijack a warship and use it to rescue the remaining Baby Globoxes from the Pirate Mines and reunite them with Uglette. After doing so, one of the Baby Globoxes will give Rayman the final mask, which it found in the mines.

    The final Glob Crystal can be found at the part before the river that leads to the hot air balloon.

    Rayman2 DC ThePrisonShip.png

    The Prison Ship
    Yellow Lums: 94
    Cages: 0
    Rayman finally returns to the Robo-Pirates' colossal flying ship, the Buccaneer, to rescue all of the slaves on board the ship. The first two sections of the level consist of Rayman riding a slide while hitting switches to deactivate deadly hazards that block his progression. Upon entering the ship itself, Rayman will need to hijack a flying shell and ride it throughout the ship, gathering up Yellow Lums along the way. Upon reaching the end of the level, Rayman will free all the slaves, telling them to get off the ship while he looks for Globox.

    Rayman2 DC CrowsNest.png

    The Crow's Nest
    Yellow Lums: 0
    Cages: 0
    The final level of the game, which solely consists of the final battle with Admiral Razorbeard. Razorbeard uses Globox to bait Rayman to the arena, and will begin the fight piloting a giant mech known as the Grolgoth. The first section of the fight has the Grolgoth shoot bombs that will trip it up if Rayman shoots them and sends them back, as well as attempting to squash Rayman and shoot energy from its feet. After being knocked down three times, the Grolgoth will attempt to squash Rayman, only to destroy the arena and begin the second phase.

    After being saved by Ly, Rayman must ride a flying shell and collect an energy sphere in the lava-filled tunnels, then shoot at the Grolgoth, which is now holding itself up on two adjacent posts. Each energy sphere allows Rayman to shoot the Grolgoth five times, and he will have to find another to keep attacking until the Grolgoth is eventually destroyed.


    Most of the mini-games listed here were first available exclusively to the Dreamcast version of the game, available as either unlockables or through special VMU downloads. These mini-games would later re-appear in the PlayStation 2 version of the game titled Rayman 2: Revolution.


    Bonus Level
    If the player completes a level after finding every Yellow Lum and cage in a level, they will be able to play this mini-game in which a Baby Globox must race a Spyglass Pirate to a fairy at the highest point of the course. To win, the player has to press A and B alternately as fast as possible to make the Baby Globox run. If the player wins, they will be awarded a life refill or Power Fist depending on the level played.


    This mini-game can be unlocked by collecting two of the six Glob Crystals and bringing them to Globox Village. Alternatively, the mini-game can be unlocked by a hidden cheat code.

    The player is on a stack of metal boxes floating in space and must collect all 20 Red Lums within the time limit. As time is short, the player must find the best path to take in order to collect every Red Lum efficiently.


    This mini-game can be unlocked by collecting four of the six Glob Crystals and bringing them to Globox Village. Alternatively, the mini-game can be unlocked by a hidden cheat code.

    The player is in a large cavern filled with bouncy cobwebs, chains and wooden beams, and must bounce off the cobwebs to collect all 20 Red Lums within the time limit.


    Globox Disk
    This mini-game can be unlocked by collecting all six of the Glob Crystals and bringing them to Globox Village. Alternatively, the mini-game can be unlocked by entering a cheat code at the title screen.

    The player controls a Baby Globox of their choice, and the objective is to make their way through a revolving disc-shaped maze to collect a Yellow Lum and bring it to their corner to score points, all while collecting power-ups and avoiding enemies. Up to four players can play at once.


    This mini-game was made available as a VMU download. Alternatively, the mini-game can be unlocked by a hidden cheat code.

    Rayman starts on a small platform, and must use the ten Purple Lums above him to swing to the top of the level, collecting the 20 Red Lums within the time limit. The player's best time is displayed at the top of the screen.


    This mini-game was made available as a VMU download. Alternatively, the mini-game can be unlocked by a hidden cheat code. It has not been featured in any other version of Rayman 2.

    The player moves Rayman around a giant circular platform and must shoot enemies that spawn from the center of the platform to score points while also collecting power-ups. A life is lost if an enemy is allowed to leave the platform, and the mini-game ends if all lives are lost.


    This mini-game was made available as a VMU download only. It was previously featured as a hidden credits mini-game in the Nintendo 64 and PC versions of Rayman 2.

    This is a text-based shoot-'em-up in which the player controls an "E" and must shoot at enemies represented by letters and numbers to score points using B. Pressing A allows the player to protect themselves from enemy bullets by turning the "E" big using A, provided they have collected at least one "!". The mini-game ends when all lives have been lost, though additional lives can be earned for every 100 points scored.



    The Dreamcast version of Rayman 2 was the base version of the iOS version and of Rayman 3D for the Nintendo 3DS.


    Compared to other versions of the game (for the PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and PC), the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2 boasts smooth 60 FPS gameplay (with no hiccups), anamorphic 16:9 widescreen support and a 1-4 player multiplayer mode. The game also features an internet section (typical to many Dreamcast games) where the player can visit the Rayman 2 website.

    Localised names

    Also known as
    Language Localised Name English Translation
    English Rayman 2: The Great Escape Rayman 2: The Great Escape
    Japanese レイマン 海賊船からの脱出! Rayman: Kaizokusen Kara no Dassyutu!

    Production credits

    • Original Concept: Michel Ancel, Frederic Houde
    • Producer: Arnaud Carrette
    • Artistic Director: Michel Ancel
    • Main Character Programmation: Benoit Germain, Yann Le Tensorer
    • Character Design: Alexandra Ancel
    • Character Animation: Jacques Exertier
    • Engine Programming: Fabien Bole-Feysot with Frederic 'Bobble' Balint, Anthony Botrel, Michael De Ruyter, Frederic Decreau, Francois 'Globox' Queinnec, Olivier 'Oliv' Saillant, Carlos 'Le Toulousain' Torres, Fabrice Perez
    • Graphics: Alexandre 'Alex' Gatto with Charles 'Baby' Beirnaert, Christophe Bourges, Floppyflo Charpentier, Manuel 'Emilos' Hauss, Yann Jouette, Laurent Le Guellaut, Emmanuel Ville
    • Visual Effects and Additionnal Artwork: Francois 'Jeff' Queinnec
    • Moss and Shadow FX: Frederic 'Bobble' Balint
    • Game Design: Christophe 'Mc Leod' Thibaut with Stephane 'Parrot' Hilbold, Frederick 'Crevette' Gaveau, Bruno 'Beer' Bouvret, Philippe Blanchet
    • Animation: Laurent Le Guellaut with Jacques Exertier, Patrick Bodard, Jean-Yves Regnault, Philippe Vindolet and Alexandre Baduel, Francois Cote, Marc Jailloux, Joseph Nasrallah
    • Cinematics: Jacques Exertier
      • With Storyboard: Patrick Bodard, Olivier Bonafous
      • Animation: Damien Barranco, Patrick Bodard, Jean-Yves Regnault, Philippe Vindolet
      • Integration: Olivier 'Sun' Soleil with Nicolas 'Nicky' Chereau, Sebastien Dezautez, Michel Momcilovic
    • Infodesign: Ivan Capin
      • With Main Character: Fabien Bole-Feysoy
      • Other Characters: Elric 'Necrodancer' Prevost, Michel Momcilovic, Nicolas 'Nicky' Chereau, Yann 'Polok' Masson, Frederic Lefebvre
    • Scenario and Dialogs: David Neiss
      • Based on a Story By: Michel Ancel
    • Sound Design: Gregoire Spillmann, Ida Yebra, Olivier Bonnafy, Lambert Combes, Romain His
    • Music By: Eric Chevalier
    • Voices: David Gassman, Pierre-Alain De Garrigues, Coralie Martin
    • Sound Effects: Talk Over
    • Sound Engine Programming: Frederic Decreau
    • Sound Engineering: Martin Dutasta with Lionel Bouhnik
    • Music Editing: Guillaume Billaux
    • Data Management: Nary-Tiana Andriamampandry
    • Test: Yanick 'Zombie' Beaudet with Cedric 'Roufrouf NTNC' Altes, Natasha 'Bluegirl' Bouchard, Alexandre 'Dr.Bouc' Boutin, Stephane 'Gambit' Caissie, David 'Heldoc' Deschenes, Jean-Francois 'Jeejee' Dupuis, Jonathan 'Johnwon' Gagnier, Benoit 'Slaine138' Gagnon, Alain 'Teckal' Gagnon, Daniel 'Karnagex' Jacques, Ahmad 'Deuce' Jamous, Stephan 'Mindfield' Leary, Alexandre 'Zoltx' Martel, David 'Corrosion' Ragaut, Pierre-Yves 'Napalmz' Savard, Eric 'Elvis' St-Jean, Eric 'Brainbug' Visconti, Eric 'Storm' Audette, Vincent Chardonnereau
    • Main Tools: Bernard Lefevre, Chantal Oury with Yves Babitch, Corneliu Babiuc, George Baltatanu, Xavier Billaut, Fabien Bole-Feysot, Dan Dragan, Catalin Dumitrescu, Mircea Dunka, Joel Gregoire, Ionut Grozea, Christophe Martinaud, Estelle Parent, Cristi Petrescu, Cristi Rizea, Pascal Ruiz, Nicolae Suparatu, Mihaela Tanku, Philippe Touillaud, Malika Sahla, Frank Servetaz, Mickael Veaudour
    • 3D Plug-Ins: Daniel Raviart and to all the others that we may have forgotten
    • 3D Research: Philippe Vimont
    • Planning: Anne 'Catwoman' Villeneuve
    • Marketing: Laurence Buisson with Domitille Doat, Axelle Verny with Miss Rayman2 DC, Geraldine Durand
    • First Programming Team: Olivier 'LOL' Didelot, Frederic 'Gopher' Balint, Xavier Billault, Helene Pokidine, Francois Queinnec, Alain Robin, Olivier 'Oliv' Saillant, Marc Villemain
    • And to Second Programming Team: Daniel Palix, Benoit Germain, Marc Trabucato, Jacques Thenoz, Chantal Oury, Guillaume Souchet, Guillaume Clement, Michael De Ruyter, Olivier Albiez, Fabrice Perez, Fabien Bole-Feysot, Yann Le Guyader, Francois Queinnec, Carlos 'Le Toulousain' Torres with Christophe Beaudet, Frederic Compagnon, Christophe Giraud, Jean-Marc Drouaud, Vincent Lhullier, Yann Le Tensorer, Alexis Yaisse, Marc Fascia, Thierry Quere
    • First and Second Graphic Teams: Alexandre 'Alex' Gatto, Christophe Bourges, Floppyflo Charpentier, Florent 'Flavio Sacrito' Sacre, Celine 'Cel' Tellier, Arnaud 'Kyo' Kotelnikoff, Pierre-Henry 'PHL' Laporterie, Jean-Christophe Alessandri, Paul Tumelaire, Nicolas Carre, Fabrice Holbe, Nicolas Daire, Yann 'Eco Warrior' Leclerc, Christophe Pic, Stephane 'Zinoche' Zinetti, Sebastien 'Sebbic' Bicorne and Denis Capdeferro, Geoffroy De Crecy, David Garcia, Yann Jouette, Youri Junquas, Frederic Lefebvre, Michel Vibert, Emmanuel Ville, Agata Wierzbicki
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    • First and Second Animation Teams: Philippe Arsenault, Erik Branz, Sebastien Brassard, Jennifer Dickie, Christion Dion, Jean-Sebastien Duclos, Jamie Helman, Phil Holloway, Francois Laperriere, Sean Leblanc, Michael Linington, Carla Prada, Allan Treitz, Mike Zingarelli
    • First Infodesign Team: Arnaud Ritchy Guyon, Frederic Houde
      • With Main Character: Yann Le Tensorer, Benoit Germain
      • Other Characters: Olivier Dauba, Sebastien Dezautez, Olivier Diaz, Jean-Christophe Guyot, Michael 'Mic' Janod, Yann 'Polok' Masson, Michel 'Mom' Momcilovic, Nicolas 'Nicky' Chereau, Olivier 'Sun' Soleil and Cedric Barthou, Matthieu Fournaison, Philippe Laurens
    • Data Management: Guenaelle Mendroux with Nary-Tiana Andriamampandry, Hanane Sbai
    • First Test Leader: Yanick Beaudet
    • Xtra Mega Thanks To: The Necrodancer for his marvellous help on Globox Town and great support for the life of the Disc, Idem to tit'biche
    • Xtra Mega Kisses To Rayman2 Babies: Fanny, Morgane, Clara
    • WW Studios Manager: Dominique Bordenave, Christine Chosson, Christine Chosson, Christophe Derennes, Cyril Derouineau, Serge Hascoet, Eric Huynh, Didier Lord, Guenaele Mendroux
    • Local Studios Managers: David Reizer and Nikola Milisavljevic, Alexandre Baduel, Ahmed Boukhelifa, Sylvain Brunet, Sandrine Maigret, Eric Martinaud, Gilles Monteil
    • Sites Managers: Daniel Palix (Annecy), Michel Ancel (Montpellier), Christophe Derennes (Montreal), Christine Burgess (Montreuil)
    • Production: Gerard Guillemot
    • Publishing: Yves Guillemot
    • Development: Michel Guillemot
    • To the Former Management Team: Pauline Jacquey, Steve Mc Calla
    • Xtra Thanks: To the greatest support
    In-game credits

    Magazine articles

    Main article: Rayman 2: The Great Escape/Magazine articles.

    Promotional material

    Main article: Rayman 2: The Great Escape/Promotional material.

    Physical scans

    Sega Retro Average 
    Publication Score Source
    {{{{{icon}}}|L}} Division by zero.
    Based on
    0 review
    Sega Retro Average 
    Publication Version Score
    576 Konzol (HU)
    Arcade (UK) PAL
    Consoles + (FR) PAL
    Dreamcast Monthly (UK) PAL
    DC-UK (UK) PAL
    Dreamcast: Le Magazine Officiel (FR) PAL
    Dreamcast Magazine (JP) NTSC-J
    Dreamcast Magazine (UK) PAL
    Dorimaga (JP) NTSC-J
    Dreamplanet (ES) PAL
    Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) NTSC-U
    Entsiklopediya igr dlya Dreamcast (RU)
    Entsiklopediya igr dlya Dreamcast (RU)
    Famitsu (JP) NTSC-J
    GamePro (US) NTSC-U
    GamesMaster (UK) PAL
    Gamers' Republic (US) NTSC-U
    Hyper (AU) PAL
    Incite Video Gaming (US) NTSC-U
    Joypad (IT) PAL
    Man!ak (PL)
    Mr. Dreamcast (UK) PAL
    Neo Plus (PL)
    Next Generation (US) NTSC-U
    Official Dreamcast Magazine (UK) PAL
    Official Dreamcast Magazine (US) NTSC-U
    Play (PL)
    PSX Extreme (PL)
    Revista Oficial Dreamcast (ES) PAL
    Strana Igr (RU)
    Strana Igr (RU)
    Sega Dreamcast
    Based on
    32 reviews

    Rayman 2: The Great Escape

    Dreamcast, JP
    Rayman2 DC JP BoxBack.jpgRayman2 DC JP Box Front.jpg
    Rayman2 DC JP Spinecard.jpg
    Rayman2 DC JP Disc.jpg
    Dreamcast, US
    Rayman2 DC US Box Back.jpgRayman2 DC US Box Front.jpg
    Rayman2 USAGDROM.jpg
    Rayman2 DC US Manual.pdf
    Dreamcast, EU
    Rayman2 DC EU Box Back.jpgRayman2 DC EU Box Front.jpg
    Rayman2 DC EU Disc.jpg
    Dreamcast, BR
    Rayman2 dc br backcover.jpgNospine-small.pngRayman2 dc br frontcover.jpg
    Rayman2 USAGDROM.jpg

    Technical information

    VMU features

    Rayman 2: The Great Escape can utilize the Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit to save game progress, unlocked features including content received from the Rayman 2 Web Site as well as save game configurations. There are also three bonus levels that were previously made available from the Rayman 2 website accessed through the in-game web browser. They would be accessed similarly to regular save game data. Once loaded, the bonus level will immediately load.

    Rayman 2: The Great Escape Save Data
    Name File Name Comment File Size Icon Description
    Rayman 2 The great escape RAYMAN_2.XXX ###.% 2 blocks Rayman2 vmuA.png
    Rayman 2 The great escape RAYMAN_2.SY_ Config' file 2 blocks Rayman2 vmuB.png
    Rayman 2 The great escape RAYMAN_2.LIF 00.0% 2 blocks Rayman2 vmuA.png Platformer mini game
    Rayman 2 The great escape RAYMAN_2.MEN 00.0% 2 blocks Rayman2 vmuA.png Menezis - The Full Text Mini Shoot'em Up
    Rayman 2 The great escape RAYMAN_2.SPA 00.0% 2 blocks Rayman2 vmuA.png Circular based overhead shooter mini game

    ROM dump status

    System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
    Sega Dreamcast
    CRC32 9a584339
    1,216,183,920 2000-02-22 GD-ROM (EU) v1.002, T-17707D-50
    Sega Dreamcast
    CRC32 fce3e92a
    1,188,623,184 2000-02-22 GD-ROM (US) v1.003, T-17704N
    Sega Dreamcast
    CRC32 672a816a
    1,189,843,872 2000-02-29 GD-ROM (JP) v1.009, T-17703M
    Sega Dreamcast
    2000-01-17 GD-ROM Page
    Sega Dreamcast
    2000-02-03 GD-R Page

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