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Rayman title.png
System(s): Sega Saturn
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (50 tracks)
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Official in-game languages:
  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Français
  • 日本語
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Saturn
    ¥5,800 T-17701G
    Sega Saturn
    $? T-17701H
    Sega Saturn
    £44.99No results[1] T-17701H-50
    Sega Saturn
    ?F T-17701H-50
    Sega Saturn
    DM ? T-17701H-50
    Sega Saturn
    ?Ptas T-17701H-50
    Sega Saturn
    R$? 191046

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    Rayman, known as Rayman Yo! Electoon wo Sukue! (レイマンよ!エレクトゥーンを救え!) in Japan, is a 2D platform game developed and published by Ubisoft for several consoles including the Sega Saturn. It features a limbless character named Rayman (supposedly a lack of limbs meant he was easier to animate) tasked with saving his friends from the evil Mr. Dark. The game was originally released for the Atari Jaguar, and was updated to take advantage of disc-based systems including re-balanced levels, redbook CD audio and higher quality sound.

    A Sega 32X port of the game was planned for June 1996More...[3], but cancelled due to the system's poor popularity.

    At the time of release the game was noted for its vibrant and detailed graphics, setting it apart from most other 2D platformers at the time. It was followed by Rayman 2: The Great Escape.


    The game is split into six worlds, each one containing three to four stages each except for the final world, Candy Chateau. In each stage, the goal is not only to find the exit that lies at the end of each sub-stage, but also to find the six hidden cages per stage that hold Rayman's captured friends. While the game will continue to a certain point if all the cages are not found, Rayman can not enter Mr. Dark's hideout until all the cages are destroyed.

    At the beginning of the game, Rayman only has the ability to walk, jump, and crawl. At certain points at the game, Rayman will receive new powers from Betilla the Fairy, which will allow him to progress further into the game as well as re-search previous levels to find new secrets and cages. Some of these abilities include Rayman throwing his fist to attack enemies, forming a helicopter with his hair to slow his descent, and hanging from ledges.

    Rayman starts each life with three hit points and a slow fist, but finding power-ups in the levels can increase his maximum health to five hit points, as well as increase the speed, power, and range of his fist attack. Blue spheres called tings are also scattered across the levels, collecting one hundred of these will earn Rayman an extra life, and they can be also used to pay a magician hidden in a few of the stages to transport Rayman to a bonus area.


    The Dream Forest
    Band Land
    Blue Mountains
    Picture City
    The Caves of Skops
    Candy Chateau


    Localised names

    Also known as
    Language Localised Name English Translation
    English Rayman Rayman
    English (US) Rayman Rayman
    Japanese Rayman Yo! Electoon wo Sukue! (レイマンよ!エレクトゥーンを救え!)

    Production credits

    • Concept: Michel Ancel, Frederic Houde
    • Characters Creation: Alexandra Steible
    • Design: Michel Ancel, Serge Hascoet, With, Bruno Bouvret, Sacha Gentilhomme, Michael Guez, Christophe Thibaut
    • Animation: Alexandra Steible, With, Kamal Aitmihoub, David Gilson, Sophie Esturgie, Jacques Exertie, Gregoire Pons, Veronique Rondello, Beatrice Sauterau, Philippe Vindolet, Christian Volckman
    • Backgrounds Creation: Eric Pelatan, Sylvaine Jenny
    • Computer Graphics: Jean Christophe Alessandri, Sophie Ancel, Nicolas Bocquillon, Jean Marc Geffroy, Laurent Rettig, Olivier Soleil
    • Programming: Gilles Vanwalleghem, Yann Le Tensorer, Daniel Palix, With, Cyril Cauchois, Olivier Couvreur, Sebastien Davie, Antonio Ferreira, Benoit Germain, Bertrand Helias, Frederic Houde, Yves Le Bras, Yann Le Guyader, Jean Georges Levieux, Richard Lopes, Francois Mahieu, Guillaume Michel, Christian Mihalache, Sebastien Morin, Bogdan Radusi, Daniel Raviart, Olivier Rozier, Michael Ryssen, Jozef Skrabo
    • Sounds Effects And Music: Stephane Bellanger, Didier Lord, With, Sylvain Brunet, Nathalie Drouet, Dominique Dumont, Kamel Founas, Remy Gazel, Didier Leglise, Jean Marc Litchmann, Frederic Louvre, Olivier Mortier, Frederic Prados, Stephane Ronse, Rene De Wael, Olaf Zalcman
    • Voices: Emmanuelle Cosso, With, Mitsuyuki Bando, Chris Benard, Patrice Dozier, Douglas Rand, Stephen Perkinson, Christian Stonner
    • Tests: Serge Hascoet, With, Bruno Barone, Thomas Belmont, Nicolas Bocquillon, Bruno Bouvret, Christophe Cavelan, Gunther Galipot, Sacha Gentilhomme, Marc Gioan, Benoit Macon, Lionel Rico, Emmanuel Texandier, Christophe Thibaut, Dorian Thibaut
    • Project Management: Agnes Haegel
    • Producer: Ludimedia : Gerard Guillemot
    • Development: Ubi Studios : Michel Guillemot
    • Publisher: Ubi Soft : Yves Guillemot
    Special Thanks To The Many Others Who Worked On The Project
    Source: In-game credits

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    Promotional material

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    Physical scans

    Sega Retro Average 
    Publication Score Source
    95 №47, p152
    73 №362, p31
    92 №37, p39
    91 More...[4]
    97 More...[5]
    81 №73, p34/35
    92 №52, p58/59
    78 More...[6]
    67 More...[7]
    74 More...Media:SnGwSISDRZK Book JP.pdf[8]
    70 More...[9]
    Sega Saturn
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    12 reviews

    Saturn, US
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    Rayman sat us manual.pdf
    Saturn, EU
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    Saturn, JP
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    Saturn, BR
    Rayman Saturn BR Box Back.jpgNospine.pngRayman Saturn BR Box Front.jpg

    Technical information

    ROM dump status

    System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
    Sega Saturn
    666,152,256 CD-ROM (EU) T-17701H-50 V1.000
    Sega Saturn
    600,220,992 1995-09-15 CD-ROM (JP) T-17701G V1.000
    Sega Saturn
    600,260,976 CD-ROM (US) T-17701H V1.000

    Save data

    The game makes use of the Saturn's internal battery back-up as well as the Saturn Backup Memory to save data for system configuration as well as progress. You can save a total of three games on the system RAM and three games on the Back-Up Ram Cart.

    Rayman Save Data
    Name Comment File Size


    Rayman title.png

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