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Gensou Suikoden
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Konami
Original system(s): PlayStation
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (3 tracks)
Genre: RPG[1][2]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥3,8003,800 T-9525G
Non-Sega versions

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Gensou Suikoden (幻想水滸伝), called just Suikoden outside Japan, is a 1995 RPG by Konami for the PlayStation. Konami brought the game to the Sega Saturn in 1998. The Saturn version was only released in Japan.


Note: Names are from the PS1 version, which was released outside of Japan.

The Hero (nameable by the player) is the son of a Great General of the Scarlet Moon Empire, Teo McDohl. Teo is called away to fight a battle in the northlands, leaving his son alone under the guardianship of several family friends to begin his career in the Imperial Army. The Hero soon comes to realise through his missions and association with his leaders that the corruption within the Empire's top tier has led to a country whose populace is enslaved and unhappy.

Through his friend Ted, he comes into possession of the Rune of Life and Death (also known as the Soul Eater), one of 27 True Runes that govern various aspects of the world. The Rune, ruthlessly hunted for by corrupt officials within the Empire and their manipulators, force the Hero and his companions to flee the capital city of Gregminster.

This early chain of events forces the Hero to cross paths with a rebel organization where he is sheltered, although he is only convinced of the need to struggle against the Empire when the hideout is attacked and sacked by Imperial forces. Recruiting the help of Mathiu Silverberg, a former Imperial strategist, the Hero's Liberation Army starts off as a small force working to unite rebel factions throughout Scarlet Moon, and eventually becomes a force large enough and powerful enough to bring down the Empire itself.

Production credits

  • Producer: Kouji Hiroshita, Kengo Nakamura
  • Story: Yoshitaka Murayama (KCET)
  • Character Design: Junko Kawano (KCET)
  • Programmer: Akira Nakayama, Hideki Nobutaka, Katsuhiko Kii, Kasa-P, Kazufumi Shimizu
  • Designer: Yohsuke Toyoshima, Yukiko Yamaki, Kazunori Yamamoto, Hiroshi Onoguchi, Shinya Nakayama
  • Sound Designer: No Name
  • Sound Effect: No Name
  • Sound Programmer: Nanashi
Opening Movie
  • Director&Editor: Hiroshi Onoguchi
  • Character Graphics: Junko Kawano (KCET)
  • Programmer: Yusuke Takumi
  • Assistant Director: Yohsuke Toyoshima
  • Image&Graphics: Yohsuke Toyoshima, Yukiko Yamaki, Kazunori Yamamoto, Alex.R, Yoshihiro Iwata

  • Package Design: Osamu Shigeta
  • Publicity: Akiko Ezawa
Original Staff
  • Director: Yoshitaka Maruyama
  • Programmer: Katsuaki Miyauchi, Yasuo Tsurugai, Kazunari Sarugaku
  • Designer: Junko Kawano, Jun Saito, Koō.N, Toshiyuki Tanaka
  • Music Compose: Miki Higashino, Hirofumi Tanugucci, Koshi Tamawari
  • Mix Engineer: Maimai
  • Ending Theme: Avetuneiro Antes Lance Mao
  • Chorus: Kazuhito Ogikubo, Michiru Yamane, Takashi Tateishi, Never, Rusamariho, I Am Junchan, Sayurin, Kazumi Oikawa, Miyata♥M・I・Y・U・K・I, Paco Soeda, Junkey Tsuru, MR., Maj A, Nayuta Tokashiki, Hiroe Noguchi, M.Mashan, Monkey Funkey, Punk Takabō, Pancho Satou
  • Special Thanks to: Masaki Yoneoka (KCET), Kenichiro Imaizumi (KCET), Yukihiro Kobayashi, Mutsumi Shinohara, Yoshihiro Iwata, Hideyuki Takahashi, Masaru Ohwaku
  • Directed by: Akira Nakayama
  • Developed by: Konami Computer Entertainment Sapporo

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Gensou Suikoden

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Gensou Suikoden

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