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Gunbird title.png
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Atlus
Original system(s): Arcade boards
Publisher(s) of original games: Psikyo
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (24 tracks)
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥5,800 T-14402G

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Gunbird (ガンバード) is a vertical shoot-'em-up game to the Sega Saturn. It was followed by Gunbird 2, which saw a release on the Sega Dreamcast.

Gunbird was followed by Gunbird 2 which saw a port to the Sega Dreamcast.


The Saturn version of Gunbird was only released in Japan, however a version for the PlayStation did surface in the West under the name Mobile Light Force (complete with entirely unrelated packaging and removal of cutscenes) some years later.

For the most part, both the Saturn and PlayStation games are broadly similar, however the PlayStation has more intrusive loading sequences during gameplay, and lacks the "tate mode" option of the Saturn conversion, which rotates the game by 90 degrees to benefit from vertical monitors (which the arcade game was designed for). The PlayStation version also lacks the ability to save progress, and while some sound effects (most noticably speech) is seemingly played back at a higher quality, the artwork can appear darker and less saturated than its Saturn counterpart.

There are also very minor aesthetic differences between menus and the positioning of elements in the HUD.

Production credits

  • プロデューサー: 丹羽 潤一
  • ゲームプロデューサー: 中村 普介
  • キャラクターデザイン: 中村 博文
  • マリオン: 田中 千晴
  • ヤンニャン: 松井 菜桜子
  • バルナスクロード: たてかべ 和也
  • : 摩耶 朔乃助
  • アッシュポムポム: 置鮎 龍太郎
  • ルージュ: 小原 乃梨子
  • エース: 八奈見 乗児

  • 挿入歌: 「ガンバード -大空の冒険者-」
    • : 片桐 真衣
  • 「マリオンのテーマ」
    • : 田中 千晴

  • ゲストイラストレーター: 桜 玉吉, 寺田 克也, 司 淳, 夏元 雅人, 菅野 博士, 中村 博文
  • デザイン: 小川 兵衛, 山崎 渉, 小田 秀之, 塚越 陽子, 吉田 育也, 武森 則和, 谷口 絵美, 上岡 秀都
  • プログラム: 杉田 敏典, 佐藤 成希, 斎藤 詩織, 高木 慶介
  • サウンドデザイン: 泉谷 雅樹
  • スクリプト: 山田 啓史
  • テストプレイ: 村田 明美, 原田 大一郎, 鵜飼 基史, 蒲 正広, 下島 有子, 千代 晃裕, 市田 琢也, 天川 浩, 作本 直貴, 一谷 こず恵, 高嶋 伸枝, 大伴 舞, 本永 智子, 近藤 昌浩, 奈良 政経
  • 協力: 由佐 伸一, Design-Studio, Tomas
  • イラストコンテスト協力: ゲーム遊II, ゲーメスト, 月刊コミックゲーメスト, セガサターンマガジン, 電撃王, 電撃プレイステーション, 週間ファミコン通信, Playstation Magazine, マイコンBASIC Magazine
  • ディレクター: 頼近 直純
  • 総販売元: アトラス
  • 制作・著作: 彩京
(C)1995 Psikyo All Right Reserved
Source: In-game creditsMedia:Gunbird_Saturn_JP_SSEnding.pdf[1]

  • Jun-ichi Niwa, Shin. Nakamura, Hirofumi Nakamura, Artmic, Rick Johnson, Hyoue Ogawa, Wataru Yamazaki, Hideyuki Oda, Youko Tsukagoshi, Ikuya Yosida, Hiromi Tanegasima, Norikazu Takemori, Hideto Kamioka, Emi Taniguchi, Masaki Izutani, Toshinori Sugita, Seiki Sato, Shiori Saito, Yusa Tarou
Source: In-game credits (Note:Probably Arcade version credits.)Media:Gunbird_Saturn_JP_SSOpening.pdf[2]

Magazine articles

Main article: Gunbird/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

Gunbird Saturn JP Flyer.pdf


Physical scans

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82 More...[3]
73 №366, p34
71 №77, p50/51
77 More...[4]
82 More...Media:SnGwSISDRZK Book JP.pdf[5]
Sega Saturn
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Saturn, JP
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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Saturn
597,666,720 1995-10-10 CD-ROM (JP) T-14402G V1.01J

Track list

1. [data track] ({{{time}}})

2. Gunbird: Oozora no Boukensya (02:16)
JP: 大空の冒険者

3. Marion no Theme (01:59)
JP: マリオンのテーマ

4. Backstar's Fortress (01:07)

5. Pointed Square (01:13)

6. Trick Trump Train (01:08)

7. Shot In The Underground (01:03)

8. Aqua Blue (01:34)

9. Unknown Objects (01:12)

10. Mistery Circle (02:13)

11. The Trap -From The Ancient- (01:09)

12. Chase The Case (02:30)

13. High Energy (03:16)

14. Reborn (02:09)

15. Discover The Dream (01:12)

16. Dreamin' Again (00:42)

17. Voice 01 (00:12)

18. Voice 02 (00:07)

19. Voice 03 (00:09)

20. Voice 04 (00:09)

21. Voice 05 (00:15)

22. Voice 06 (00:09)

23. Voice 07 (00:09)

24. Voice 08 (00:10)

25. Voice 09 (00:13)
Running time: 26:16