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For the fighting game based on the live-action Street Fighter movie, see Street Fighter: The Movie.


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Street Fighter II Movie
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Capcom
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (4/6 tracks)
Genre: Miscellaneous, Action[1], Table[2]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥6,8006,800 T-1204G
Non-Sega versions

Street Fighter II Movie (ストリートファイターⅡムービー) is an full-motion video game (marketed as an "interactive movie") for the Sega Saturn based on the 1994 Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. The game was shown at E3 1995 under the title of Street Fighter II: The Interactive Movie, but ultimately ended up being released only in Japan.


Vega, leader of the enigmatic crime syndicate known as Shadaloo, is recruiting the world's greatest fighters. He has deployed cyborgs throughout the world to seek out warriors with powerful ki and analyze them.


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Gameplay scene and Cyborg status

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Battle mode

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Character profile

The game is an interactive movie that mostly consists of watching scenes from the anime. It includes many scenes from the movie, split across two discs, and follows the same plot, and it also contains some new scenes made specifically for the game. The player assumes the role of a monitor cyborg that has been secretly developed by Shadaloo. The Cyborg must develop its combat capabilities by analyzing the fighting techniques of the best martial artists around the world in order to gain enough strength to challenge Ryu. For example, if a scene is shown where a character performs a kick, taking a picture of the character's kick increases the Cyborg's kicking ability. The Cyborg's capabilities are divided into six different categories: Punch, Kick, Throw, Special Attack, Defense, and Speed. Since the player can only take a certain amount of pictures per scene (shown as a red number in the bottom-left of the screen), the player must choose which categories to prioritize.

The Cyborg can bring up its crosshair display by holding A, then move the crosshairs using the D-Pad and take a picture with B. A sound effect rings out when an ability has been successfully analyzed. The player can bring up a profile of whichever characters are on-screen with C. Pausing the game with  START  brings up a view of the Cyborg's levels (with the yellow bars for each category filling with red as they are increased) and provides a password for use in the game's Battle Mode. The player can also save the game to the Saturn's internal memory or a backup cartridge from this screen.

While the majority of the game is watching scenes from the movie, the final battle between the Cyborg and Ryu is a one-on-one fighting segment. This fight plays the same as Super Street Fighter II X, including the presence of a Super Combo gauge but without the Turbo game speed. Although the player takes pictures of numerous fighters over the course of the game, the Cyborg's normal and special moves are identical to Ken's moveset, including his Super Combo, the Shouryuu Reppa. This match consists of only a single round, and the player has one attempt to defeat Ryu. There are three different endings depending on whether the Cyborg loses to Ryu, defeats him, or defeats him without taking damage.

When fighting, the Cyborg moves with Left and Right and crouches with Down. It jumps with Up and flips back and forth with Up-left and Up-right. Punches are done with X (jab), Y (medium), and Z (fierce) and kicks are done with A (short), B (medium), and C (roundhouse). Light attacks are faster and hard attacks deal more damage. Blocking is done by holding the D-Pad away from the opponent, which can be done while standing or crouching. Throws and grabs are done by holding Left or Right when next to an opponent and pressing a medium or hard punch or kick button. Throws cannot be blocked, but the Cyborg can recover from a throw in the air and reduce the damage taken by likewise holding Left or Right and pressing a medium or hard punch or kick button.

In the Battle Mode, the player can test the Cyborg's current abilities against a virtual hologram of Ryu. This mode can also be played with a second player (who controls a second Cyborg). The player must input a password for the Cyborg's capabilities in order to play the Battle Mode. These fights are played to the best of three rounds. The game also includes a database that allows players to read information about any of the 16 characters from the Super Street Fighter II roster or view concept artwork for the movie.


Note: Move lists assume that the character is facing right. When facing left, Left and Right should be reversed.

P Any punch button
 LP  Light punch
 MP  Medium punch
 HP  Hard punch
K Any kick button
 LK  Light kick
 MK  Medium kick
 HK  Hard kick
Street Fighter II Movie Saturn, Character Portraits.png
A monitor cyborg built by Shadaloo to study the techniques of the deadliest fighters in the world. It is the only playable fighter in the game. It duplicates Ken's moveset from Super Street Fighter II X, with the efficacy of its moves determined by the pictures that the player takes during the game.
Move list (Special moves)
Name Command Description
Hadouken Down Down-right Right P The Cyborg shoots a fireball from its hands across the screen.
Shouryuuken Right Down Down-right P The Cyborg rises off the ground while punching upwards. When performed with  HP , the Cyborg has a flaming fist and can hit its opponent up to three times.
Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku Down Down-left Left K The Cyborg moves forward through the air while spinning around an axis with his leg extended, potentially hitting multiple times since it does not knock the opponent down. This move can be performed in midair.
Kama Barai Geri Down Down-right Right K The Cyborg does a high roundhouse kick that can hit up to two times. Continuing to hold K performs a high axe kick right afterwards.
Nata Otoshi Geri Right Down-right Down K The Cyborg does a reverse roundhouse kick that can hit up to two times. Continuing to hold K performs a high axe kick right afterwards.
Oosoto Mawashi Geri Left Down-left Down Down-right Right K The Cyborg does a knockdown kick. Continuing to hold K performs a high axe kick right afterwards.
Move list (Super Combos)
Name Command Description
Shouryuu Reppa Down Down-right Right Down Down-right Right P The Cyborg advances with a low Shouryuuken, followed by a high Shouryuuken that knocks down its opponent on impact.
Street Fighter II Movie Saturn, Character Portraits.png
Ryu is a martial artist who is traveling the world to seek out worthy challengers. Vega is determined to induct him into Shadaloo and has deployed monitor cyborgs around the world to track him and analyze his abilities. He appears as an unplayable opponent at the end of the game and also as a "hologram" opponent in the Battle Mode.


Street Fighter II Movie was released for both the Sega Saturn and PlayStation. The two have identical gameplay and content. While the PlayStation version has some visual effects that are missing in the Saturn version, it is much slower to load than its Sega counterpart.

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Street Fighter II Movie

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Street Fighter II Movie

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