Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus

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Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Konami
Original system(s): Arcade boards
Game total: 3
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (2 tracks)
Genre: Compilation, Shooting[1][2]

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥5,8005,800 T-9520G

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Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus (沙羅曼蛇 DELUXE PACK PLUS) is a compilation of Salamander series which is developed and published by Konami as a spin-off of the Gradius franchise. The game sadly never left Japan.

The games are identical to their arcade counterparts, bar a few touch-ups.

Games included

  • Salamander
  • Life Force (an enhanced version of Salamader with modified graphics and a different power-up system)
  • Salamander 2

Magazine articles

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Physical scans

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Publication Score Source
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Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus

Saturn, JP
SalamanderDeluxePackPlus Saturn JP Box Back.jpgSalamanderDeluxePackPlus Saturn JP Box Front.jpg
SalamanderDeluxePackPlus Saturn JP Spinecard.jpg
SalamanderDeluxePackPlus Saturn JP Disc.jpg
Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus Sat JP Manual.pdf

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Saturn
518,413,728 1997-03-25 CD-ROM (JP) T-9520G V1.010

Extra content

This game has extra content which can be viewed when accessing the disc on a PC.

Folder / File Type Size description
\OMAKE\24BIT Folder 51,931,704 It contains 11 wallpaper images of truecolor. 3 sizes each.
\OMAKE\8BIT Folder 17,345,592 It contains 11 wallpaper images of 256 colors. 3 sizes each.
ABS.TXT TXT (Abstract) 150 About this game.
BIB.TXT TXT (Bibliographiced) 85 About original game
CPY.TXT TXT (Copyright) 47 Copyright
KAIHATSU.DOC TXT 30,553 Messages from the developers.


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