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Tetris Plus
System(s): Sega Saturn
Jaleco (JP/US), JVC (EU)
Original system(s): Arcade boards
Developer(s) of original games: Jaleco
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (50 tracks)
Genre: Puzzle

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥5,800 T-5708G
Sega Saturn
$? T-5704H
Sega Saturn
£? T-5704H-50
Sega Saturn
?F T-5704H-50
Sega Saturn
DM ? T-5704H-50
Sega Saturn
?Ptas T-5704H-50
Sega Saturn
?PLN ?

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Tetris Plus (テトリスプラス) is a 1995 arcade game by Jaleco ported to multiple game systems including the Sega Saturn. Tetris Plus is notable for being the first successful release of a Tetris-brand game on a game console not developed or owned by Nintendo, succeeding in being released after Tetris for Mega Drive was blocked from release, and pre-dating the release of Tetris-S by about five months.


Classic Mode: Classic mode plays very much like traditional Tetris. One notable visual adjustment is a set of rainbow-colored bars besides the playing field that rise during play. Once the bars are maxed out, the speed level increases and the bars are reset. The bars rise in-sync gradually from placing Tetris pieces on the field, and gets a boost with cleared lines.

In the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation versions, the player always starts at level 1 on Classic Mode, with no level select available.

The ruleset is based off Sega Rotation, with a notable difference being that Tetris pieces spawn right-middle.

Puzzle Mode: Following the simple, childish plotline of "the Professor" and "his Assistant" seeking out ancient treasure, the player chooses from a set of four areas each with 20 different Puzzles. In each puzzle, the Professor is placed in a area with pre-set blocks, and a spinning spiked ceiling gradually lowering towards him. The goal in each puzzle is to guide the Professor to the bottom of the screen with an understanding of the rules of Tetris and the Professor's own behavior patterns. A Game Over happens if the Professor and the spiked ceiling collide.

After the first four areas are cleared, a final area opens up with 20 more puzzles, offering a total of 100 puzzles in Puzzle Mode.

VS. Mode: Two players compete with each other in a variation of "Puzzle Mode" rules. As players clear lines, they may send new lines to their opponent to get in the way. The first player to get his professor to the bottom of the screen wins - likewise the player wins if his opponent's professor hits the spiked ceiling.

Edit Mode: Allows players to create their own "Puzzle Mode" style puzzles. 10 pre-set Puzzles are used as examples. The puzzles can be saved to Saturn Back-up RAM.

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

EGM2 US 29.pdf

Print advert in EGM² (US) #29: "November 1996" (1996-xx-xx)
also published in:
  • Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #89: "December 1996" (1996-xx-xx)More...[1]

SSM JP 19960726 1996-12.pdf

Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #1996-12: "1996-12 (1996-07-26)" (1996-07-12)

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Print advert in Consoles + (FR) #69: "Octobre 1997" (1997-xx-xx)

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Saturn, US
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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Saturn
591,854,928 CD-ROM (EU) T-5704H-50 V1.000
Sega Saturn
591,932,544 1996-07-13 CD-ROM (JP) T-5708G V1.004
Sega Saturn
591,876,096 CD-ROM (US) T-5704H V1.001


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