The Tetris Company

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The Tetris Company

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The Tetris Company, LLC is a company formed by Alexey Pajitnov and Henk Rogers, which issues official licenses for Tetris worldwide. The company is the the sole licensee of Tetris Holdings, which owns the Tetris brand (and is owned 50:50 by Pajitnov and Blue Planet Software (previously Bullet-Proof Software, and managed by Henk Rogers).

The Tetris Company owns most of the concepts behind Tetris, meaning nobody else can make a commercial Tetris clone without facing legal challenges. They also maintain a set of standards for the game, which have been in force since 2001. This ensures that all Tetris games are consistent, including the feature set, rules of rotation, the colours for the tetrominoes, and the use of the official Tetris logo (originally created by Roger Dean).

Prior to the existence of The Tetris Company, the rights for Tetris were owned by Russian firm Elektronorgtechnica (Elorg), and were licensed and sub-licensed through a number of companies, including at one point, Sega.