The Next Tetris: On-Line Edition

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The Next Tetris: On-Line Edition
System(s): Sega Dreamcast
Peripherals supported: Jump Pack, Dreamcast Modem, Visual Memory Unit
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Dreamcast
$? T-40214N
Sega Dreamcast
£? T-17717D-50
Sega Dreamcast
?F T-17717D-50
Sega Dreamcast
DM ? T-17717D-50
Sega Dreamcast
?Ptas T-17717D-50

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The Next Tetris: On-Line Edition is an entry in the Tetris series of games. It was developed by Blue Planet Software and published by Crave for the Sega Dreamcast in 2000. It is online enabled version of a game that was released on other platforms. A leaderboard is available which shows the highest scoring individuals in the region. The Online portion of the game is still online via Private Servers and can be used with the DreamPi.[1]


Unlike games before it the blocks are made up of polygons. As usual with other Tetris games, variously shaped blocks must be lined up to make complete lines at which point the complete line of blocks will be cleared off the screen.

Two Modes are available: The Next Tetris and Tetris Classic. Tetris Classic is one player only and only The Next Tetris is On-line enabled. In the Next Tetris Mode One Player, Two Player, and Marathon, and Practice modes are available.


The Next Tetris was originally released for the PlayStation and Windows PCs in 1999, and while one might assume On-Line Edition simply adds online play, the Dreamcast game overhauls all of the presentation and visuals. The core gameplay remains the same however, and all of the modes included in the earlier game are also seen in On-Line Edition. Likewise, the two versions share a soundtrack.

Production credits

Developed by Blue Planet Software
  • Senior Programmer: Chris Gullette
  • Additional Programming: Benbuck Nason, Michael Schlachter
  • Art Director: Marina Goldberg
  • Lead Artist: Slava Likhatchev
  • Music Composition: Kevin Manthei (KMM Productions), Syzygy Records, 1205 Recording
  • Voice Talent: Lani Minella
  • Design Team: Vlad Turchenko, Henk B. Rogers, Steffan Levine, Edward Rogers
  • Based on Classic Tetris by: Alexey Pajitnov
  • Practice Levels Design: Scott Kim, Vlad Turchenko, Steffan Levine
  • Quality Assurance: John Fitz Randolph, The BPS lunch crew
  • Producers: Raymond Holmes, Steffan Levine
  • Executive Producers: Mark Netter
  • VP of Development: Daniel Lucas
  • Lead Programmer: Brian Dodd
  • President of Blue Planet: Nick Garnell
  • The CEO: Henk B. Rogers
  • Special Thanks To: Terri Gullette, Maria Holmes
Published by Crave Entertainment
  • Senior Producer: Daryl Pitts
  • Producer: Monica Singh
  • Associate Producer: John Kellogg
  • Lead Tester: Ron Talay
  • Testers: Steve Danhieux, Solomon Kupu, David Lopez, Ramon Ramirez, Medvin Sobio, Kazuo M. Tanaka, Donald Wheeler, Daniel Echeverria
  • QA Manager: John Bloodworth
  • Director of Marketing Services: Sheri Furumi Snow
  • Product Marketing Manager: Eddie Camarillio
  • Marketing Coordinator: Yumi Saki
  • Creative Services Manager: Ryan Villiers-Furze
  • Creative Assistant: Ethan Malykont
  • Web Master: John Nord
  • Special Thanks: Nima Taghavi, Holly Newman, Mark Burke, Martin Spiess, Barry Seaton
  • SegaNet Associate Producer: Arthur Datangel
  • Lead ISA: Paco Younge (Trunks)
  • Core ISA: Amy Crowly, Lancelot Nelson, Rebecca Turner, Darren Nagtalon (Smackaveli), Kay Nagtalon, Joseph Edwards (FN)
  • Ubi Soft Entertainment Marketing Europe: Axelle Verny, Nicolas Lochet, Christian Born, Marcel Keij, Michael Thielmann, Thor Johansen, Vera Shah, Stéphanie Langlois, Antonio Rabanera, Delphine Delesalle, Nick Segger, Phil Brannelly, Vanessa Leclerc

Magazine articles

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