Alien Trilogy

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Alien Trilogy
System(s): Sega Saturn
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (13 tracks)
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Official in-game languages:
  • English
  • Français
  • Italiano
  • Español
  • Deutsch
  • 日本語
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Saturn
    ¥5,800 T-8113G
    Sega Saturn
    $? T-8113H
    Sega Saturn
    £44.99More...[1] T-8113H-50
    Sega Saturn
    ?F T-8113H-50
    Sega Saturn
    DM ? T-8113H-18
    Sega Saturn
    ?Ptas T-8113H-50
    Sega Saturn
    ?PTE$ STJAK0319
    Sega Saturn
    $? ?
    Sega Saturn
    R$? 193216

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    Alien Trilogy (エイリアントリロジー) is a first person shooter created by Probe based on the Alien franchise. Originally set to be released on the Sega 32XMore...[4]More...[5]More...[6], development was moved to more capable platforms, before being released on the Sega Saturn, PlayStation and IBM PC in 1996.


    The game is divided into three sections, each based loose interpretations of the first three Alien films; Alien (1979), Aliens (1986) and Alien 3 (1992).

    Reportedly Alien Trilogy utilises only one of the Saturn's SH-2 processorsMore...[7].

    Production credits

    Programming Crew
    • Saturn Programmers: Keith Burkhill, Mark Fisher
    • Original Programmers: Greg Michael, David Shea
    • Alien Editor: Tony Monckton
    • Viewports: John Croudy
    • Game Designer: Matt Nagy
    • Senior Storyboard Artist: Alex Lawrence
    Video and Sprite Crew
    • Acclaim Advanced Technology Group (ATG) VP Engineering and Advanced Technology: Wes Trager
    • ATG Studio Services Director: Jeremy Schwartz
    • Motion Capture Studio: Larry Kelley (Manager), Andy Acquilino, Sharon Dougherty, John Farve, Cynthia Graham, Phil Grunfelder, Joe Gibbons, Chuck Mongelli, Rich Nelson, Danielle Papsidero, Mike Passuello, Nicole Scharff, Brian Windsor
    • Digital Production Group: Mark Chavez, Scott Douglas, Patrick Kenny, Annmarie Koenig, Mark Neumann, Patrick Runyon, Jason Yanofsky
    • Post Processing: Howard Schwartz (Senior Manager), Rob Muzer, Peter Klimek
    • ATG Research and Development Director of Research and Development: Mark Schafer, Don Hunt (Facial Animation)
    • Cast / Motion Capture: Gregory Caccia, Larry Kelley, Brad Martin, Daryl Meyer, Steve Rein, Brian Smyj, Jenny Way, Jeff Gibson (Senior Manager)
    • FMV Composition: Bob Scumaci, Head Scans, Tracy Lopez, Tyrone Miller, Michael Passuello
    • Technical Supervisor: Harry Reimer
    • Technical Support: Greg McGovern, Andrew Fullaytor, Dan Wimpelburg, Rob Coffey
    • Senior Technician: John Gonzales, Howard Perlman
    Game Modelling Crew
    • Lead 3D World Modeller: Charlie Jackson
    • 3D World Modellers: Errol Gale, Dave Kite
    Game Creation Crew
    • Saturn Graphic Artists: Lloyd Murphy, Guy Mills
    • Original Artists: Steve Middleton, Mark Frazer, Guy Mills, Ben McGrath, Lloyd Murphy, Kevin McMahon
    • Additional Japanese Artwork: Ayaki Konno (Acclaim Japan)
    • Texture Mappers: Ben O'Reilly, Vicky Cheale, Paul Collingwood
    • Gameplay and World Mappers: Andy Squirrell, Kevin Watts, Jon Gibson
    • Japanese Translation: Bob Timbello (Acclaim Japan)
    Audio crew
    • Music: Stephen Root
    • In-Game Sound Effects: Dow Mckeever
    • Voice: Carter Inskeep, Michael Margotta, Pat Weber Sones
    • Additional Sound Effects: Andy Brock
    • Saturn Sound Driver: Rob Hylands
    QA/QC Crew
    • QA Managers: Clifford Ramsey, Mike Weiner
    • QA/QC Staff
      • Supervisors: Carol Caracciolo, Tom Falzone
      • Analysts: Polam Wong, Mike Mazziotto
      • Project Lead: Bonchi Martinez, Mike Schlitz
      • : Mark Viccary, Ray Yeomans, James Brown, Anthony Scaduto, Michael Patrick, Joseph Howell, Damion Pinnock, Paul DiCarlo , Tom Geddes, Bob Campbell, Craig Kerrison, Dan Kuby, Matt Cannonico, Mike Sterzel
    In Loving Memory of Jeff Zentil
    Management Crew
    • Product Development Licensing
    • Asst. Manager: Nina Skalka
    • Licensing Asst.: Erin Maloney
    • 20th Century Fox Licensing: Tim Logan
    • Interactive Director: Fiona Milburn
    • Acclaim White Team: Phil Alne, Brett Gow, Seth Rosenfield, Mark Thievanich, Linda Spellman
    • Associate Producer: Hal Turkiewicz, Andy Squirrell
    • Producers: Peter Jones, Clifford Falls
    • Executive Producers: Joe Bonar, Dan Feinstein, Amy Smith-Boylan
    • Special thanks go to: Simon Stoney, Asif Chaudhri, Roger Booth, Simon Pick, Peter Buccellato, Justin Garvanovic, Carl Jazwinski, Greg Modern, Dave Minogue, Mixed Nuts, Post Perfect, Bob Armour, Gary Noden, Rob Zimmerman, Darren Anderson, Dan Phillips, Frances Esposito, Phil Williams, Scott Marcus, Christopher Hadley, Reza Memari, and anyone else who has contributed to this product.
    Source: In-game credits (JP)Media:AlienTrilogy_Saturn_JP_SSCredits.pdf[8]

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    Promotional material

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    Physical scans

    Sega Retro Average 
    Publication Score Source
    60 More...[9]
    81 More...[10]
    60 №403, p30
    88 More...[11]
    91 More...[12]
    88 More...[1]
    85 More...[13]
    83 №84, p38-41
    89 More...[14]
    67 More...[15]
    74 More...Media:SnGwSISDRZK Book JP.pdf[16]
    Sega Saturn
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    13 reviews

    Saturn, US
    AlienTrilogy Saturn US Box Back.jpgAlienTrilogy Saturn US Box Front.jpg
    AlienTrilogy Saturn US Disc.jpg
    Alientrilogy sat us manual.pdf
    Saturn, EU
    AlienTrilogy Saturn EU Box.jpg
    AlienTrilogy Saturn EU Disc.jpg
    Alientrilogy sat eu manual.pdf
    Saturn, JP
    AlienTrilogy Saturn JP Box Back.jpgAlienTrilogy Saturn JP Box Front.jpg
    AlienTrilogy Saturn JP Spinecard.jpg
    AlienTrilogy Saturn JP Disc.jpg
    Saturn, BR
    AlienTrilogy BR cover.jpg
    Saturn, DE
    AlienTrilogy Saturn DE Box.jpg
    AlienTrilogy Saturn DE Disc.jpg

    Technical information

    ROM dump status

    System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
    Sega Saturn
    489,326,544 CD-ROM(DE) T-8113H-18 V1.000
    Sega Saturn
    564,458,832 CD-ROM(EU) T-8113H-50 V1.000
    Sega Saturn
    492,993,312 1996-07-16 CD-ROM(JP) T-8113G V1.001
    Sega Saturn
    485,394,000 CD-ROM(US) T-8113H V1.000


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