MiniMoni. Shakatto Tambourine! Dapyon!

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MiniMoni. Shakatto Tambourine! Dapyon!
System(s): Sony PlayStation
Publisher: Sega
Peripherals supported: Tambourine Controller
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-4
Release Date RRP Code
Sony PlayStation
2002-09-19[1] ¥4,800 (5,040)[1] SLPM-87132
Sony PlayStation
JP (ASCII Tambourine Controller Set)
2002-09-19[2] ¥9,800 (10,290)[2] SLPM-87079

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MiniMoni. Shakatto Tambourine! Dapyon! (ミニモニ。シャカっとタンバリン!だぴょん!) is a Sony PlayStation video game released exclusively in Japan in 2002. It stands as the only original PlayStation game to be created by Sega (though the company also published a rereleased version of Puyo Puyo Sun for the platform).

MiniMoni. Shakatto Tambourine! Dapyon! is a console adaption of the Sega NAOMI arcade game, Shakatto Tambourine!, the major difference being a licensing deal with Japanese pop group MiniMoni. Shakatto Tambourine!, a game similar in nature to the popular Samba de Amigo has received no other home adaptions, and has never been released in the western world.

MiniMoni. Shakatto Tambourine! Dapyon! is compatible with special controllers, provided by Sammy.

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PlayStation, JP
MinimoniSTDP PS JP BoxBack.jpgMMStTD PS JP Box Front.jpg
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PlayStation, JP (ASCII Tambourine Controller Set)

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sony PlayStation
CRC32 bdb22495
MD5 d5be4bfe748b727fc147e19bae8dc285
SHA-1 535f1a2f63ff460b65801db820836c93629536cc
338,796,192 CD-ROM (JP) SLPM-87132
Sony PlayStation
CRC32 49df4e3d
MD5 2975e9edc3e1cf777bd2fafc2591c180
SHA-1 3a7355bdf46e888c649a5cd771e006e2d10193f8
338,796,192 CD-ROM (JP) SLPM-87079

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