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Tenchi o Kurau II: Sekiheki no Tatakai
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Capcom
Original system(s): Capcom CPS-1
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (40 tracks)
Genre: Action[1][2]

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥5,8005,800 T-1207G
Sega Rating: All Ages
Non-Sega versions

Tenchi o Kurau II: Sekiheki no Tatakai (天地を喰らうⅡ 赤壁の戦い) is an arcade beat-'em-up game released in 1992 by Capcom. It was later ported to the Sega Saturn in 1996.

Tenchi wo Kurau II is the sequel to Tenchi wo Kurau, known as Dynasty Wars in English-speaking territories. Both games are based on the Tenchi wo Kurau manga series which ran for a brief period between 1983 and 1984.

A North American version was planned for release in March 1996[3] under its localised arcade title, Warriors of Fate, but failed to materialise.


2200 years ago, China. The long-standing Han dynasty is crumbling, and many warlords are seizing the opportunity to claim power. The evil scheming ruler, Cao Cao, has continued to rise in authority. With it, and his massive army, he has manipulated the emperor to gain near-total control. However, Liu Bei, a descendant of the Han family, vows to restore the empire to its former glory.

When Cao Cao hears of Liu Bei's rebellion, he sends 100,000 troops and some of his best generals to quell it. Liu Bei, outmatched and outnumbered, seeks the service of the brilliant scholar, Zhuge Liang, to be his key advisor and tactician. Accompanying them are five great warriors of their own, and together they now have a chance to thwart the impending assault.


TwK2 SS Guan Yu portrait.png Guan Yu - 関羽 (Kan-U)
Height: 245cm
Weight: 94kg
Age: 47
Hobby: studying
Personality: cool, calm
Strong point: strong, clever
A reliable and dignified warrior. Spends time teaching his students when not on the battlefield. Wields the legendary "Green Dragon Crescent Blade" when horseback.
TwK2 SS Zhang Fei portrait.png Zhang Fei - 張飛 (Chō-Hi)
Height: 250cm
Weight: 110kg
Age: 41
Hobby: eating, fighting
Personality: daredevil
Strong point: barbarian
A brave and fearless warrior. Known to be short-tempered, but remarkably loyal. Obsessed with good sake and barbecue. Wields his trusty serpent spear when horseback.
TwK2 SS Zhao Yun portrait.png Zhao Yun - 趙雲 (Chō-Un)
Height: 188cm
Weight: 72kg
Age: 39
Hobby: martial arts
Personality: single-minded
Strong point: quiet, reserved
An honest and respected warrior. Fast and agile, and skilled with many weapons. He is extremely loyal to Liu Bei and goes to great lengths to serve him. Wields a spear when horseback.
TwK2 SS Huang Zhong portrait.png Huang Zhong - 黄忠 (Kō-Chū)
Height: 177cm
Weight: 50kg
Age: 61
Hobby: hot springs
Personality: stubborn
Strong point: tough as ever
A veteran warrior. An incredible archer despite his old age, although has a youthful spirit. Enjoys nature. Uses a dagger when things get too close.
TwK2 SS Wei Yan portrait.png Wei Yan - 魏延 (Gi-En)
Height: 180cm
Weight: 91kg
Age: 34
Hobby: shining his head
Personality: perverse
Strong point: capricious
An unpredictable, but distinguished warrior. Is close friends with Zhuge Liang after many successful campaigns. He likes to study strategy when he isn't fighting.

Other Characters

TwK2 SS Liu Bei portrait.png Liu Bei - 劉備
Descendant of Prince Sheng of Zhongshan, one of the great-great-grandsons of Han Emperor Jing. Sworn brother of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.
He's managed to gain enough supporters who believe in him to create a sizeable force. He strives to bring peace and stability to Jing Province.
TwK2 SS Cao Cao portrait.png Cao Cao - 曹操
A cruel and determined leader with extraordinary military expertise. He cleverly exploits the trust he earns from other warlords to get what he wants.
After allying with Liu Bei in previous battles, he now considers him an obstacle in obtaining total control of China.
TwK2 SS Zhuge Liang portrait.png Zhuge Liang - 諸葛
Known as "Sleeping Dragon." He devises most of the strategies that will lead to Liu Bei's success. Such as the fire attack at Bowrang, the flooding
at Xinye, and the alliance between Liu Bei and Sun Quan.
TwK2 SS Lu Bu portrait.png Lu Bu - 呂布
A lone wolf who constantly betrays his allies. Highly feared for his fighting prowess and his large steed, the Red Hare. Cao Cao is using him as a
tool against Liu Bei.
TwK2 SS Sun Quan portrait.png Sun Quan - 孫權
A warlord who forms a crucial alliance with Liu Bei to defeat Cao Cao at the Battle of Red Cliffs. He first challenges Liu Bei and his men to defeat
the wooden dummies to see if he is worthy.
TwK2 SS Lu Su portrait.png Lu Su - 魯肅
General and politician serving under Sun Quan. He is the one to convince Sun Quan to form an alliance with Liu Bei.
TwK2 SS Lady Mi portrait.png Lady Mi - 麋夫人
Wife of Liu Bei and mother to their son, Liu Shan. They find themselves surrounded by enemies in Changban so Liu Bei requests Zhao Yun to
rescue them.


A typical "belt scrolling" beat 'em up with 8-way directional movement. Like most Capcom beat 'em ups of the era, it shares a similar moveset, weapon, and item layout. However, an exception to that format is Dora, the mountable warhorse which makes the gameplay comparable to its predecessor, Dynasty Wars.


Button settings can be changed.

Move list
Name Command Description
Attack A Tap three times for a combo.
Jump B
Extra-Joy C or A+B Super attack. Drains health upon hit. Also known as "Megacrush."
Jump kick BA
Throw combo AA, Up or Down+A The directional input determines which side you throw the enemy.
Grab attack Grab, A Tap three times for grab combo.
Jump technique Grab, BA
Throw Grab, Left or Right+A
Tackle Down-left or Down or Down-right+B Knocks down enemies.
Deathblow DownUpA Use as last attack on bosses for a gory finisher.
Mounted attack On horse, A Tap three times for a mounted combo.
Mounted heavy attack On horse, B Tap three times for a charging attack.
Mounted Extra-Joy On horse, C or A+B Mounted super attack. Drains health upon hit.
Stampede On horse, Right+B
Horse toss On horse, Up or Down+A, Left or Right The directional input after the attack determines which side you toss the enemy.
Spirit wave On horse, LeftRight+A Sets enemy on fire upon hit.
Rear attack On horse, Left+A
Quick-turn attack On horse, Left+B
Dismount On horse, Down+B


TwK2 SS Bun Sprite.png
Meat Bun
Adds 300 points. Recovers 10% of health.
TwK2 SS Chicken Sprite.png
Adds 500 points. Recovers 20% of health.
TwK2 SS Barbecue Sprite.png
Adds 800 points. Recovers 30% of health.
TwK2 SS Big Bun Sprite.png
Meat Bun (Big)
Adds 8000 points. Recovers 40% of health.
TwK2 SS Fish Sprite.png
Adds 15000 points. Recovers 50% of health.
TwK2 SS Lobster Sprite.png
Adds 15000 points. Recovers 60% of health.
TwK2 SS Peking Duck Sprite.png
Peking Duck
Adds 30000 points. Recovers 70% of health.
TwK2 SS Roast Pork Sprite.png
Roast Pork
Adds 30000 points. Recovers 80% of health.
TwK2 SS Scroll Sprite.png
Adds 3000 points.
TwK2 SS Book Sprite.png
Adds 3000 points.
TwK2 SS Gold Coin Sprite.png
Gold Coin
Adds 5000 points.
TwK2 SS Treasure Sprite.png
Adds 10000 points.
TwK2 SS Big Treasure Sprite.png
Treasure (Big)
Adds 15000 points.
TwK2 SS Gong Sprite.png
Summons Dora.
TwK2 SS Dora Sprite.png
Mountable horse. Points for attacks and kills are increased while horseback.


TwK2 SS Round1.png Round 1 - 博望坡の戦い 一
Battle of Bowang 1
Boss: Li Dian
TwK2 SS Round2.png Round 2 - 博望坡の戦い 二
Battle of Bowang 1
Boss: Xiahou Dun
TwK2 SS Round3.png Round 3 - 新野城
Xinye Castle
Boss: Xu Chu
TwK2 SS Round4.png Round 4 - 白河
White River
Boss: Cao Ren
TwK2 SS Round5.png Round 5 - 長坂坡の戦い
Battle of Changban
Boss: Chunyu Dao
TwK2 SS Round6.png Round 6 - 長坂橋
Changban Bridge
Boss: Yan Ming, Xiahou Jie
TwK2 SS Round7.png Round 7 - 赤壁の戦い 一
Battle of Red Cliffs 1
Boss: Zhang Liao
TwK2 SS Round8.png Round 8 - 赤壁の戦い 二
Battle of Red Cliffs 2
Boss: Xu Huang
TwK2 SS Round9.png Round 9 - 華容道
Huarong Road
Boss: Lu Bu

Production credits

  • Planner: Poo, Kin
  • Programmer: Domesan, XOR, Tsu~zy, 34-Sakontz
  • Character: Fukumoyan, Kyo-Chan, Tenman, Tama Chan, Nonsuch, Youjiro, Saotome, Kurata-N, Ume
  • Onnanoko Design: Akiman
  • Sound: T'Yomage, Bull
  • Sound Program: Oyabun, Inu
  • Special Thanks: Nin, D. James, サディ&トミー, ハッタリやまおやかた
  • Presented by: Capcom
In-game credits

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Tenchi o Kurau II: Sekiheki no Tatakai

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Tenchi o Kurau II: Sekiheki no Tatakai

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