Namie Manabe

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Namie Manabe
Employment history:
Sega Enterprises (1993[1] – 1996[1])
Role(s): Artist
Education: Kyushu Institute of Design (1989)[1][4]
Twitter: @manabe2

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Namie Manabe (真鍋 奈見江) is a former background designer at Sega Enterprises between 1993 and 1996, best-known for her work on the Clockwork Knight series. She has since been the art director of PostPet and various dolls developed by PetWorks.


Namie Manabe who joined Sega Enterprises in 1993 out of her love of games, and worked background art for the Clockwork Knight series[1][5], including creating the art for the minigames which only appear in Clockwork Knight: Pepperouchau no Fukubukuro[6]. She also worked on NiGHTS Into Dreams... and was briefly considered a member of Sonic Team[7]. Manabe was also a sort of test audience to see if Virtua Fighter 2 would appeal to non-gamer women, which happened because she was friends with AM2's publicist at the time, Nobutaka Arii[8].

In 1996 she began secretly developing PetPost, an artificial pet mail-software, with director Kazuhiko Hachiya and programmer Takashi Koki[5][9]. She did not initially intend to leave Sega, but she was not allowed to work on it as a side-job, so would have to either use a pseudonym or leave the company. She chose the latter[10].

In 2001, they created the dress-up doll Momoko with Manabe as art director[1][11] and she has since created various dolls like Odeco-chan and Nikki, PostPet Now, Ringo chan, PW-Momoko and Usaggie[4], some of them for PetWorks[12], a company she established with PostPet creators Hachiya and Koki in 1998[5]. In March 2010, Manabe was appointed CEO of PetWorks[13].

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