Wireless Controller Surf Wave

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Wireless Controller Surf Wave
Made for: PlayStation 2
Manufacturer: Sega Logistics Service
Release Date RRP Code
Sony PlayStation 2
¥4,980 (5,229)4,980e[1] CS1-0003
Sony PlayStation 2
¥4,980 (5,229)4,980e[1] CS1-0014
Sony PlayStation 2
¥4,980 (5,229)4,980e[1] CS1-0015

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The Wireless Controller Surf Wave is a wireless controller manufactured by Sega Logistics Service for the PlayStation 2.

The predecessor of the Surf Wave. the AirStyle, was released by the design company FounTech (a label under ArcadeMX), which was responsible for the R&D and patents behind the electronics inside the controller. After several models released independently by FounTech, SEGA licensed a newer and updated version, the Surf Wave, still very similar in design. It has long been discontinued.

The controller was demonstrated in Tokyo Game Show 2005 and released in three colours: black, white and blue.


  • Size: 156 (W) × 93 (D) × 61.4 (H) mm.
  • Weight: 260g (without battery).
  • Communication range: 6m (10m without interference).
  • Power supply: two AA batteries (alkaline recommended).
  • Battery life: about 1000 hours continuous operation (without vibration on). When the batteries need to be replaced, a LED with flash. It features a sleep mode at 5 minutes of inactivity and switches off at 10.
  • Response: 100 frames per second. (Even though the article sites that none of the ps2 games run on 100 frames per second)
  • Button operation: the direction buttons, ○, ×, △, □, L1, L2, L3, R1, R2, R3, Start, Select, analog stick × 2, Power / Turbo (fire), mode (digital and analog switching), vibration (vibration function on and off).
  • Wireless: 2.4 GHz, automatic chanel search (up to eight players with multitap).
  • Additional Features: Turbo Fire mode. It works by holding the desired button down and then pressing the turbo button: once for 30 per second (fast blinking LED), twice for 10 per second (slow blinking LED). Pressing turbo three times will cancel it. (?)
  • Operation mode: Analog Controller (compatible DUALSHOCK2), can be switched to digital.



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