Fukkokuban Sega Saturn Control Pad For 'PlayStation 2'

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Fukkokuban Sega Saturn Control Pad For 'PlayStation 2'
Made for: PlayStation 2
Manufacturer: Sega Logistics Service
Type: Control pad
Release Date RRP Code
Sony PlayStation 2

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Fukkokuban Sega Saturn Control Pad For 'PlayStation 2' (復刻版セガサターンコントロールパッド For "PlayStation 2") control pads are a selection of control pads designed for use with the PlayStation 2. They were only released in Japan, and are based on the Sega Saturn Control Pad.


Sega's PlayStation 2 Control Pads contain A, B, C, X, Y, Z, L, R and Select buttons, just like the Sega Saturn, though have been modified slightly to also house a Select button and so that they fit in the PlayStation 2's controller ports. There are no analogue sticks, so therefore no L3 and R3 buttons.

There are many colour variations - black and white which share a similar colour scheme to the Sega Saturn, grey, purple and "snow white". The purple controllers were also bundled along with Capcom's Darkstalkers Collection.

Button Mapping

Saturn Button PlayStation 2 Button
B Circle
C R1
X Square
Y Triangle
Z L1
L L2
R R2

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