Williams Electronics Games

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Williams Electronics Games
Founded: 1985
3401 North California Avenue, Chicaco, Illinois 60618, United States

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Williams Electronics Games, Inc., was an arcade video game and pinball manufacturer. It was set up as a subsidiary of Williams Electronics in around 1985, continuing its work in the video game and pinball fields.

In 1988, Williams Electronics, now renamed "WMS Industries", purchased the video game and pinball division of Bally Manufacturing[1], which traded as Bally Midway. Over the next few years this business would be merged with Williams'; all video games would be handled by Midway (which would split from WMS in 1998), and all pinball operations by Williams Electronics Games, under either "Williams" or "Bally" branding.

After struggling with its "Pinball 2000" concept in the late 1990s, Williams Electronics Games exited the pinball market, though continues to exist to this day, licensing its intellectual properties for video game interpretations of pinball.