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Version comparisons

Title screen

Wonder Boy Title.png

Arcade (System 1)

WonderBoy SG1000 Title.png


WonderBoy SMS Title.png

Master System

WonderBoy GG EU Title.png

Game Gear

WonderBoy CPC title.png

Amstrad CPC


Commodore 64

WonderBoy Spectrum Title.png

ZX Spectrum

Localisation comparisons

Game Gear version

WonderBoy GG JP Sega.png

JP version

WonderBoy GG US Sega.png

US/EU versions

The Western versions add a ™ symbol to the Sega logo.

WonderBoy GG JP Title.png

JP version

RevengeofDrancon GG Title.png

US version

WonderBoy GG EU Title.png

EU version

For reasons unknown, the North American release of Wonder Boy on the Game Gear was retitled Revenge of Drancon. Both Western versions also include a ™ symbol on their respective title screens.

Master System version


JP version


US/EU versions

The Japanese version shows a Sega Mark III logo when the game boots.


Wonder Boy

Wonder Boy Title.png

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