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Word Block
System(s): SC-3000
Publisher: John Sands Electronics
Genre: Table

Number of players: 2
Release Date RRP Code
$19.9519.95 ST0871

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Word Block is a game for the SC-3000 developed by Australian company Creative Print Ideas and released in 1984. It was published in Australia by John Sands Electronics as part of its Mind Games series of Recreational Software Cassettes.

The game is similar to the board game Scrabble, but differs in that random letters are scattered across the board at the beginning of play, and players place one tile per turn.


"Build your own words and block your opponents words! Hours of fun for players of all ages. Your Sega will automatically keep the score too. Good Luck!"

"Two players (or teams) build words - letter by letter - whilst trying to block the words the opponent is building. A great and extremely involving game for children and adults - which also incorporates a colourful display board and automatic team or individual scoring."


Physical scans

SC-3000, AU (Full package)
Word block SC3000 AU Cover.jpg
SC-3000, AU (Cassette)
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Word block SC3000 AU Tape.jpg
Wordblock sc3000 au manual.pdf


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