Yoshinao Usuki

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Yoshinao Usuki
Employment history:
Sega Enterprises (1992-04[1] – )
Sega Enterprises (?? – 2001-01[1])
Role(s): Engineer

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Yoshinao Usuki (臼杵 良直) is a former mechanical engineer at Sega Enterprises. He joined Sega Enterprises. in April 1992 and was assigned to AM R&D Dept.#4, working on moderately notable hardware including Sega Net Merc, Calendar Club, Dream Palace II, UFO Catcher 800, Brave Firefighters, Tokyo Bus Guide and 18 Wheeler[1].

After leaving Sega in January 2001, he developed casino machines for Aruze, followed by Aruze Gaming America. He is currently the CEO of A.R.S[1].

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