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Master System version

Credits warp

Zool SMS Bug CreditsWarp 1.png

Hold Up-left until here, then hold Up-right...

Zool SMS Bug CreditsWarp 2.png

...then let go of Right on this frame while holding Up...

Zool SMS Bug CreditsWarp 3.png

...then this happens.

Zool SMS Ending.png

You've won the game!

When starting the first level of the game, hold Up-left. As soon as the chocolate bar completely overlaps Zool's eye, quickly press Up-right to change direction. Three frames after Zool faces right, let go of Right while still holding Up. This will result in a crash, followed by the game jumping to the ending credits. This happens because Up usually cancels Zool's animation, and resetting the animation at that specific spot breaks the game.

Alternatively, a second Control Pad can be used for the Up input while the first Control Pad is used for the Left and Right inputs.

Not fixed in any version.


Zool (8-bit)

Zool SMS Title.png

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