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Alien Soldier
Format(s): Vinyl
Record label: Data Discs
Release Date RRP Code
£25.9925.99[2] DATA021

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Alien Soldier is a vinyl album containing music from the Sega Mega Drive game, Alien Soldier.

Track list

A1. With Treasure  
A2. Sidelimits  
A3. Flashback  
A4. Alien Soldier  
A5. Slap-Up  
A6. X-Ages  
A7. Runner AD2025  
B1. From Objector  
B2. Soltype  
B3. Blacksheep  
B4. !!!...Shade…  
B5. Epsilons-Ally  
C1. Silent  
C2. Lurk!!!  
C3. Perfect-Thing  
C4. 3-Prayers  
C5. 7th Force  
D1. Alone’Z’  
D2. Galaxy Desert  
D3. Oblivious Past  
D4. Soldiers Song  
D5. Over!!!  

Physical scans

Vinyl, UK
AlienSoldier vinyl UK front.jpg

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Alien Soldier

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