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Burning Rangers
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Sega
Supporting companies:
Sound driver: SCSP (1/3Track)
Peripherals supported: 3D Control Pad
Genre: Action[2][3]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥5,8005,800 GS-9174
Sega Rating: All Ages
Sega Saturn
$49.9549.95[7] 81803
ESRB: Everyone
Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn
USK: 6
Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn
£49.9949.99[11] MK81803-50
Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn
Tectoy: Todas as Idades

Burning Rangers (バーニングレンジャー) is a Sega Saturn firefighting action game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega. First released in Japan in February 1998, players take on the role of a new recruit in a futuristic firefighting organization, and are tasked with rescuing survivors and extinguishing fires in a variety of unique levels. Boasting high production values and an emphasis on characterization, Burning Rangers is one of the more fondly remembered of Sonic Team's original games, and one of few that have not been ported to any other platform.


Burning Rangers, Full Team.png

The Burning Rangers

Prime Directives:

Save human life
Protect our future
Keep hope alive

It is the near future. The world has changed; the people are the same.

Humanity still survives on dreams and hope. But the dreams are being forgotten, the hope is fading.

It is the Burning Rangers' task to face the man-made terrors of the new age, entering the most dangerous areas to save the lives of those trapped by disaster.

Their task is not only to rescue people, it is to rescue hope from the dark path the world has taken.

— US manual [12]

The game is set in a futuristic society in which fire is one of the few major hazards remaining. The Burning Rangers are an elite group of firefighters who are dispatched to emergency incidents to fight fires and rescue people in danger.


Burning Rangers, Mail.png


The game is a 3D action platformer with a third-person perspective played in the corridors of burning buildings and space ships. Each mission has an objective for completion, and the Rangers must also locate and rescue stranded civilians by collecting energy crystals dropped from extinguished fires. Rangers occasionally encounter hostile robots during their missions. Each stage ends with a boss battle, which include fire-breathing flowers and robotic fish. The player assumes control of one of two apprentice Rangers, Shou or Tillis. Since there is no in-game map, the Rangers rely on a voice navigation system to find their way. The player can move the camera by holding Y and moving the D-Pad. The player can also swivel the viewing angle 90 degrees left with L and 90 degrees right with R, which can be used to look around corners while running through them.

Rangers are moved with the D-Pad (or the analogue stick when using a 3D Control Pad). Rangers are equipped with a jet pack, which is activated with A or C. The jet pack thrusts the Ranger into the air. The Ranger can get an additional boost when in the air by pressing A or C again; holding the button engages the thrusters for longer. The player can perform rolls and somersaults by pressing in a direction after boosting. Rangers automatically jump over small gaps while running over them. They also grab automatically grab ledges if they fall short of clearing a jump. Sometimes a wall or floor explodes; explosions are preceded by whistling sound, and the Ranger can backflip to avoid the explosion by holding Down. Rangers can also swim underwater, rising with A or C and diving with B.

Rangers are equipped with laser guns for putting out fires. They fire a pulse with B. The intensity of a fire can be determined by its color: red flames are weak and generally extinguished in one shot, while blue flames are strong and require multiple shots. Green flames belch fireballs at the Rangers. Fires leave crystals when they are extinguished, which can be collected by moving the Ranger near them. Red crystals are worth one crystal energy unit, and green crystals are worth five crystal energy units. Additionally, the Rangers can charge a powerful laser blast by holding B and fire by releasing. These blasts are the only way to damage enemy robots and bosses; the Ranger automatically aims at the nearest enemy. They are also more effective at extinguishing fires than standard pulses, able to extinguish regular fires in fewer hits as well as able to extinguish larger fires that pulses cannot, but fires put out with laser blasts do not leave crystals.

Crystals function similarly to rings in the Sonic the Hedgehog games: possessing at least one crystal allows the Ranger to survive damage from an enemy or fire. Taking damage scatters the Ranger's crystals, which can be collected again, and renders the Ranger vulnerable to death. In addition to finding crystals after extinguishing fires, crystals can be found preplaced in levels. Rangers are equipped with remote transportation devices and use crystals to transport survivors after locating them. Survivors are automatically transported when a Ranger walks near one, at the cost of five crystals. The player receives a continue for transporting a survivor with ten crystals. Rangers are revived at the last rescued survivor after dying (as long as the player has continues remaining).

Players are guided through each mission by Chris, the team navigator. She provides directions to survivors as well as helpful information about nearby hazards and objectives. The player can radio back to Chris at any time with X or Z.

Environments contain several doors. Blue-striped doors can be passed through, and yellow-striped doors are locked. Doors with red stripes on the other side cannot be re-entered after they close. Rangers can unlock doors by finding consoles and activating them with B when standing in front of them. Sometimes the Rangers must obtain an ID card to proceed.

The Danger Limit Readout System acts as a timer for each mission. It increases gradually as the mission progresses. For every 20% that the limit increases, the surrounding area is engulfed in flames and explosions for a few seconds. If it reaches 100%, the area is constantly bombarded with explosions. The meter is reduced by extinguishing fires and rescuing survivors but cannot be lowered past the last 20% threshold. A bar at the top of the screen visually indicates how close the limit is to the next 20% increment.

At the end of each stage, the player receives a rank, with S being the highest and D being the lowest. The rank is based on the number of survivors rescued, the number of crystals at the end of the mission (including crystals used to transport survivors), the time taken to defeat the boss, and the limit percentage at the end of the mission. Once the game is completed, a random generator mode is unlocked that mixes up the order of corridors in the game's missions, with a potential total of 3,125 unique routes, as well as the locations of switches and survivors. The player can replay completed stages to earn higher ranks and to find more survivors. There are 108 total survivors in the game.

Every survivor has a name and sends mail to the player after being rescued (which can be accessed from the main menu). Sonic Team members make cameos as survivors, including Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima. Claris and Elliot from NiGHTS into Dreams also appear as survivors. Sonic Team members send secret passwords and bonus pictures when rescued, including passwords that allow playing as the other Rangers on each mission. The game uses the Saturn's internal memory or a backup cartridge for saving, but the password feature unlocks after completing the game for replaying the same randomly generated missions or accessing bonus content. Passwords are given after completion of a mission.


Burning Rangers, Character Art.png
Shou Amabane (ショウ・アマパネ)
Japan Area
Shou is a new recruit to the Burning Rangers. When he was eleven, he was rescued by an unknown Ranger, who died in the attempt. Shou decided his destiny was to become a Ranger and repay his debt. He is energetic and eager to prove himself.
Burning Rangers, Character Art.png
Tillis (ティリス)
Tillis is a new recruit and the youngest member of the Burning Rangers. She is an orphan who lost her parents in a fire and decided to dedicate her life to saving others from similar loss. She is cheerful and upbeat.
Burning Rangers, Character Art.png
Lead Phoenix (リード・フェニックス)
Europe Area
Lead is the field leader of the Burning Rangers. He joined firefighting after graduating high school for the experience rather than the desire to help people but quickly gained an appreciation for the job. He is cool-headed and circumspect. His name is pronounced as "Reed" in-game.
Burning Rangers, Character Art.png
Big Landman (ビッグ・ランドマン)
Africa Area
Big is the oldest and most experienced member of the Burning Ranger. He was badly injured in an accident early in his career but, determined to continue his service, had his body rebuilt with mechanical implants. He is the strongest member of the team and possesses an iron will.
Burning Rangers, Character Art.png
Chris Partn (クリス・パートン)
America Area
Chris' father was a Burning Ranger who died when she was young. Out of admiration for him, she decided to continue his legacy. She is the team leader and trains new recruits. As the team navigator, she stays on the ship and directs the other Rangers. She is cool-headed and astute even in the heat of the moment.


Burning Rangers, Training Stage.png

Training Space
Chris and Lead guide the new recruits, Shou and Tillis, through the basics and teach the player the controls and game mechanics.

Burning Rangers, Stage 1-1.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 1-2.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 1-3.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 1 Boss.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 1-1.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 1-2.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 1-3.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 1 Boss.png

Fallen Memory
The core reactor of the power plant has been breached, and the Rangers must save the workers and shut down the reactor before the plant explodes.

Burning Rangers, Stage 2-1.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 2-2.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 2-3.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 2 Boss.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 2-1.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 2-2.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 2-3.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 2 Boss.png

Silent Blue
An accident has occurred at an undersea marine research laboratory, and the Rangers must rescue the trapped researchers and the park visitors. The Rangers devise a plan to rescue all the visitors by destroying the joints connecting the lab to the park.

Burning Rangers, Stage 3-1.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 3-2.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 3-3.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 3 Boss.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 3-1.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 3-2.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 3-3.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 3 Boss.png

Gravity Zero
Flames are spreading through a space colony, fueled by its oxygen reserves. The Rangers must rescue any survivors and determine and eliminate the cause of the incident.

Burning Rangers, Stage 4-1.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 4-2.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 4-3.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 4 Boss 1.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 4-4.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 4-5.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 4 Boss 2.png

Burning Rangers, Stage 4 Boss 3.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 4-1.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 4-2.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 4-3.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 4 Boss 1.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 4-4.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 4-5.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 4 Boss 2.png

  • Burning Rangers, Stage 4 Boss 3.png

Winged Cradle
The Rangers are introduced to Iria Klein, a girl placed in suspended animation and sent into space after contracting an incurable disease. Iria informs the Rangers that her ship is set to crash into Earth, causing complete devastation, so the Rangers devise a plan to stop the ship and rescue Iria. There is only one person to rescue on this mission, Iria. She provides directions instead of Chris on this mission.



The concept originated with the idea of rescuing people as opposed to killing them, which was an element that producer Yuji Naka felt was too common in contemporary video games. The team chose firefighters because they felt that fire was an effective way to create a suspenseful atmosphere.

We wanted to create a game where you could rescue people. Nowadays, there are so many games where you just kill people. Instead we decided to make a rescue game. In addition, right from the start, it seemed that fire was the most appropriate way to create that sensation of fear and tension. So in the end we combined these two elements.

Yuji Naka[13]

The game's characters were designed by Naoto Ohshima. The cover art was drawn by anime artist Hiroyuki Ochi. Yuji Naka has stated in interviews that Sonic Team wanted the silhouette of a Burning Ranger wearing a jet pack to resemble that of an angel.


The game was one of the last Saturn games released in Western markets, followed only by Shining Force III and Magic Knight Rayearth in North America and by Shining Force III and Deep Fear in Europe.


A downloadable mission making many references to Burning Rangers was created for Sonic Team's Phantasy Star Online. A race track based on the game, Burning Depths, was featured in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Production credits

Main article: Burning Rangers/Production credits.

Magazine articles

Main article: Burning Rangers/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

BurningRangers Saturn JP Flyer.pdf

JP flyer 1
BurningRangers Saturn JP Flyer.pdf

BurningRangers Saturn JP Flyer 1.pdf

JP flyer 2
BurningRangers Saturn JP Flyer 1.pdf
Print advert in Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #108: "July 1998" (1998-0x-xx)
Print advert in Secret Service (PL) #52: "Grudzień 1997" (1997-1x-xx)
also published in:


Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
81 №68, p52-54
Sega Saturn
Based on
1 review
Sega Retro Average 
Publication Version Score
Ação Games (BR)
Consoles + (FR) NTSC-J
Consoles + (FR) PAL
Computer & Video Games (UK)
Edge (UK) NTSC-J
Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) NTSC-U
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Game Buyer (US) NTSC-U
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Gamers' Republic (US) NTSC-U
Mega Console (IT) NTSC-J
Mega Force (FR) PAL
Mega Fun (DE) PAL
Neo Plus (PL)
Next Generation (US) NTSC-U
neXt Level (DE) PAL
Saturn Fan (JP) NTSC-J
Saturn Fan (JP) NTSC-J
Sega Magazin (DE) PAL
SuperGamePower (BR)
Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) PAL
Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) NTSC-J
Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) NTSC-J
Super Power (FI)
Sega Saturn
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27 reviews

Burning Rangers

Saturn, JP
BurnRang sat jp back cover.jpgBurningRangersBox jp.jpg
BurningRangers Saturn JP Disc.jpg
Burning Rangers (バーニングレンジャー) Saturn JP 取扱説明書.pdf
Burning Rangers (バーニングレンジャー) Saturn jp Box jewelcasefront.jpg
Jewel Case
BurningRangers Saturn JP Box InlayF.jpgBurningRangers Saturn JP Box Inlay.jpg
Reg Card
BurningRangers Saturn JP Disc2.jpg
Audio Disc
Saturn, US
BurningRangers Saturn US Box Back.jpgBurningRangersBox us.jpg
BurnRang sat us disc.jpg
Burningrangers sat us manual.pdf
Saturn, EU
BurningRangersBox eu.jpg
BurningRangers Saturn EU Disc.jpg
Saturn, PT

Saturn, AU
BurningRangers Saturn AU back.jpgNospine.pngBurningRangers Saturn AU cover.jpg
BurningRangers Saturn EU Disc.jpg
Saturn, BR
BurningRangers Sat BR cover.jpg

Technical information

Main article: Burning Rangers/Technical information.

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Saturn
374,704,176 CD-ROM (EU) MK81803-50 V1.001
Sega Saturn
388,098,816 1998-01-27 CD-ROM (JP) GS-9174 V1.003
Sega Saturn
136,446,576 Audio-CD (JP) GS-9174 (Disc 2)
Sega Saturn
375,388,608 CD-ROM (US) 81803 V1.001
Sega Saturn
1998-01-03 CD-R Page
Sega Saturn
1997-12-01 CD-R Page

Track list

Game disc

1. Data track  
2. CD Warning message (special) (0:09) 
Running time: 0:09

Audio disc

1. Burning Hearts: Honoo no Angel (4:01) 
Japan Burning Hearts ~炎のAngel~
Vocals: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
2. We are Burning Rangers (4:37) 
Vocals: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
3. I Just Smile (4:15) 
Vocals: Tomoko Sasaki
Running time: 12:53

Extra content

This game has extra content which can be viewed when accessing the disc on a PC.

Saturn (JP) Extra files
Folder / File Type Size description
\EXTRA\LARGE Folder 11,803,128 It contains 9 wallpaper images of XGA size.
\EXTRA\SMALL Folder 4,614,648 It contains 9 wallpaper images of VGA size.
\EXTRA\WAV Folder 9,187,150 It contains 43 extra voices.
\EXTRA\READ_ME.TXT TXT 58 Warning message about extra files.
BR_ABS.TXT TXT (Abstract) 1 No message
BR_BIB.TXT TXT (Bibliographiced) 1 No message
BR_CPY.TXT TXT (Copyright) 42 Copyright

Save data

The game makes use of the Saturn's internal battery back-up as well as the Saturn Backup Memory to save progress through the game as either playable character. You can save up to three saves on either the internal back-up or the RAM Cart.

Burning Rangers Save Data
Name Comment File Size
B_RANGERS__ BR data 30


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Burning Rangers

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