Daytona USA Deluxe Special Edition

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Daytona USA Deluxe Special Edition
System(s): Windows PC
Publisher: Mars, Incorporated
Genre: Racing

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Windows PC
ESRB: Kids to Adults

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Daytona USA Deluxe Special Edition is a rare PC game released as part of the Daytona USA franchise. It is a demo version of Daytona USA Deluxe modified to include the Skittles racing team brand. Only 100,000 copies were produced, all of which were given away as promotional items within North America only. Copies on eBay have been sighted at inflated prices of $50-$200 USD.

Only Dinosaur Canyon and a re-skinned version of the Hornet may be selected. Within Dinosaur Canyon, the billboards have been changed to Skittles advertisements, and a rainbow has been added to the skybox. All the splash screens (plus a additional Skittles Racing Team screen on boot) and menus have been modified with the Skittles branding as well. All music tracks and race tracks (though the latter could be mostly for the attract mode only) are present in the game files, but only the Skittles car has files for it, while all the other playable cars files in the normal version were removed. Options for Time Attack, 2P VS and Multiplayer are also accessible even when you can't use them here.


Physical scans

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