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Select a type of game, teams and controllers, then on the subsequent options menu, input one (or more) of the following codes:

Name Code Description
Invisible Walls C C C B A A A B
Curve Ball B A C B C C
Crazy Ball C A B C C B A C
Super Power B A B B B B B B B B
Super Goalie A A A A A B B B B B
Super Defense B B B B B C B
Super Offense A A A A A B C
Dream Team A A B B C C A A
Stupid Team A B C A B C
Penalty Shootout A B A C A B

Exit the options screen, then press A to access the "cheats" menu where these unlocked codes can either be enabled or disabled. As long as the cartridge has a working backup save battery, these codes only need to be input once, as they're saved alongside other settings.

While these codes can be input through any options screen, the cheat menu is not accessible from the main menu.


FIFA Soccer 95

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