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Golden Axe
System(s): Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Genre: Fighting


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Golden Axe is a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis game originally released in the arcades as a System 16 title. Nearly identical to its arcade counterpart, Golden Axe wowed home players with stunning graphics and authentic arcade gameplay.

Players of the arcade game are familiar with the story: Death Adder has kidnapped the royal family. Heroes armed with weapons and magic forge their way forward to seek revenge on the evil Death Adder. Along the way they free the civilians in Turtle Village, ride on the back of the giant turtle, soar on the back of the eagle, and watch a spinning axe fall into Death Adder's chest.

Being a home game, Golden Axe provided a few alternatives missing from the original, most important among those the "Duel" mode allowing players to battle increasing numbers of enemies.

Golden Axe was one of three games included in the Sega Smash Pack compilation for the GameBoy Advance. It was also featured in Sega 6-Pak for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis which also included Sonic 1, and Sega Smash Pack for PC.

Production Credits

Software Design: Takosuke, Moto Cbx1000, Ham Tak, Waka
Visual Effects: Kyonsy Kyonsy, Cane, Chisuke, Roco
Sound: Nankyoku, Decky, Imocky
Assistant Programmer: S2 , Yang Watt, Vinyl Boy
Producer: Kanako Kohyama
Director: BROS400
Assistant Director: Opa‑Opa
English Translation: Niya, Tsugu

Physical Scans