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The Mega RPG Project (メガロープレプロジェクト) was an initiative by Sega Enterprises to bring more role-playing games to Sega systems in Japan. It can be reasonably assumed that it was to counteract the vast library of RPGs for the Super Famicom at the time (although from a genre categorization perspective, some action RPGs are classed by Sega as "action" games, not RPGs).

The Mega RPG Project began in mid-1994 and applied to a small handful of first-party Sega Mega Drive and Sega Mega-CD until early 1995. The applied game, logo of this project is printed on the box, and pin badge of each title was shipped. This branding was only used in Japan and fell out of use as the company began to focus more on the Sega Saturn - later RPGs such as Light Crusader were not considered part of this movement.

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