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Sega Casino Harrow
Location: 365 Station Road, Town Centre, Harrow, United Kingdom
Opened: Unknown
Closed: Unknown

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Sega Casino Harrow was an indoor Sega Park arcade located on 365 Station Road, Town Centre, Harrow, United Kingdom. It was located a 15-minute walk within the unrelated Sega Megaworld Harrow.

Very little is known about this venue and it's unknown when it opened or closed (although it was said to have opened sometime after Megaworld). By Circa 2001, the venue was listed on franchisee Leisure Exchange's website self-branded under their name, despite the "Sega Casino" sign outside the building.

By around October 2012, the Leisure Exchange had been shut down for good. The Sega Casino sign was later removed and by 2014, the unit was home to a "Buy-and-Sell" pawn shop. Soon after, this was replaced with a an E-Cigerette vaping store, and remains as such to this day.


The venue was housed on a single floor and mostly focused on gambling, hence its name. The video games and some gambling machines were placed at the front, while the "Sega Casino" section was placed at the back, which exclusively featured gambling machines. The venue soon removed the video games when exclusively transitioned to a gambling-only approach by 2006.


Games such as Tekken Tag Tournament, Silent Scope, The House of the Dead and Time Crisis 3, among others were housed in this venue.



Name Branding Date
Sega Casino Harrow Sega Casino TBA
The Leisure Exchange Harrow Leisure Exchange TBA
Closed 2009-2012


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