Sega Park & Casino Holborn

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Sega Park & Casino Holborn
Location: Holborn, London, United Kingdom
Google maps: 51.516097,-0.120208
Opened: 200x
Closed: 200x

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Sega Park & Casino Holborn was an indoor Sega Park arcade located at 7 Great Queen Street, Holborn, London, United Kingdom.

Very little information has surfaced about this venue, other than it likely opened in the 2000s by franchisee Leisure Exchange and likely didn't trade for very long. Pictures of the sign have surfaced that the arcade was still trading in around May 2005.[1] The sign of the venue implied that the venue housed mainly gambling and fruit machines.

By January 2007, the building began trading as a small grocery shop, which may have meant that the venue closed as Leisure Exchange sometime around 2006 or earlier. The "Sega Park & Casino" sign which belonged to the original arcade remained on the side of the building until 2008 (and possibly later), when it was replaced with signage in relation to the shop. The grocery shop itself closed around 2021, and since then the building has sat vacant.


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