Sega Park Bristol

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Sega Park Bristol
Location: Ashton Gate, Bristol, United Kingdom
Google maps: 51.443488,-2.623613
Opened: 199x
Closed: 2000/2001

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Sega Park Bristol was an indoor Sega Park arcade located in the Arena One bowling centre, Brunel Way, Bristol, United Kingdom. Its exact opening date is not known, however it must have been open in 1996, since a Sega Rally contest was held there.[1]

Arena One later became Bristol Megabowl, and the arcade was renamed Planet Kids sometime in 2000 or 2001. It is likely it was during 2000, as the Leisure Exchange website didn't list this specific venue.

Megabowl itself closed in 2008 and was eventually demolished to make way for new flats.


Name Branding Date
Sega Park Bristol Sega Park 199x
Planet Kids N/A 2000-2001
Closed 2008

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