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Rename all characters

ShiningForceGaidenII GG US RenameAllCharacters.png

When starting a new game, press 2+ START  when confirming the name of the main character to rename the Cypress prince. Press 2+ START  again when confirming the Cypress prince's name to rename the other characters in the game.

Sound test

ShiningForceGaidenII GG US SoundTest1.png

Complete the game on any save file, then continue or start a new game and hold Up+ START  before the screen fades out. Use the D-Pad to select a song, 2 to play the selected song, and 1 to fade out the currently playing song.

Difficult mode

ShiningForceGaidenII GG US Excelent.png

When the Sega logo appears, press Down five times. A sound will confirm correct entry, and "Excelent" will appear on the title screen.

Debug mode

ShiningForceGaidenII GG US DebugMode.png

ShiningForceGaidenII GG US DebugMode MainMenu.png

ShiningForceGaidenII GG US DebugMode GroupSelection.png

When the Sega logo appears, press Up Up Down Up 2 1 Right Left. A sound will confirm correct entry. Start a new game or continue a saved one, and the narrator will bring up a debug menu with several options:

  • Option 0: End - Exits the menu and starts the game. Pressing 1 will also exit debug mode.
  • Option 1: Group selection - Displays any unrecruited characters on a menu similar to the Change menu in-game. Pressing 2 when the cursor is over a unit will add them to the party. If all characters have been recruited, selecting this option will have no effect.
  • Option 2: Battle selection - Selects what battle the player is on, ranging from 1 to 24.
  • Option 3: Level selection - Allows the player to increase the level of their characters. Unpromoted characters cannot have their level raised past 20, but promoted characters can have their level increased all the way to level 99.
  • Option 4: Cancel event - Cancels any cutscenes that would take place before a battle begins, placing the player directly in combat.
  • Option 5: Test mode - Unknown function.
  • Option 6: Enemy investigation - Unknown function.
  • Option 7: Back mode - Unknown function.
  • Option 8: Game clear - Marks the save file as completed.
  • Option 9: Wealthy - Gives the player 500,000 gold.
  • Option 10: Reset - Resets the game.
  • Option 11: Save - Saves the game.
  • Option 12: Mime mime - Displays the Mime Theatre sequence that plays at the end of the game.
  • Option 13: Sound test - A sound test ranging from 0 to 87. This includes more sounds than those available from the regular sound test.
  • Option 14: Game progress - Values range from 0 to 2. Unknown function.

Hidden text

Located at ROM address 346, and used to check if backup RAM has been initialised[1]:

Kodera MR2

This string is common to all three Shining Force Gaiden games. "Kodera" refers to programmer Haruki Kodera.


Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya

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