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Founded: 1989-12[1]
Defunct: 2012-04-01
T-series code: T-188
Merged with: Chunsoft (2012)
2-chōme-10-15 Nakameguro, Meguro, Tokyo 153-0061, Japan[2]

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Spike Co., Ltd. (株式会社スパイク), formerly known as Mizuki Ltd. (有限会社みずき) and Mizuki Co., Ltd. (株式会社みずき), was a Japanese video game developer. In April 2012, the company merged with fellow developer Chunsoft to become Spike Chunsoft.


Founded in December 1989 as Mizuki Ltd.[1], its name was changed to Mizuki Co., Ltd. on October 18, 1991[3], and eventually changed again to Spike Co., Ltd. in April 1997.

In April 2012, Spike merged with affiliated Japanese developer Chunsoft to become Spike Chunsoft.


In 1997, Sammy established a video game development subsidiary named MAXBET Co., Ltd. to produce pachislot video games; the games themselves were developed by Spike, either through contract work or other means. While both technically and legally existing as a separate entity, MAXBET's games products exclusively use Spike's third-party T-series code.



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