Tokuzo Komai

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Tokuzo Komai
Place of birth: Osaka, Japan
Date of birth: 1932-03-31 (age 92)
Employment history:
Role(s): Executive, Vice President, Advisor, Representative
Education: Doshisha University

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Tokuzo Komai (駒井 徳造) is a former Japanese businessman. He joined Nintendo in 1951 and directed its Leisure System arcade division under Toppan during the 1970s,[1] but left in 1982 after purportedly disagreeing with Hiroshi Yamauchi over his long-term preference to exit coin-op.[2] Komai then joined Sega by that September;[3] initially a advisor for its first home console efforts against Nintendo with the SG-1000, he was promoted to executive director a year later.[4]

Leading numerous console launches, Komai was Sega's vice president and representative director in the 1990s.[5] He also became involved with the company's side businesses, initially becoming first president of the newly-established Sega Amusement Taiwan in 1992,[6] and later president of its education subsidiary and Linguaphone Japan during the period it was selling the Linguaphone Education Gear.[7] From 1995 to 2005 he was chairman and president of TMS Entertainment.[8]


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